Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Munson the wonderdog

Back in Charleston visiting with T2 after delightful visit with nephew V and my first grandniece Matty in Rock Hill SC, another of those charming towns that's lookin for a comeback and is more than halfway there. V is the perfect dad of course and we loved spending time with him. Matty was the perfect nine month old hostess when we went out for Japanese dinner, playing baby taliban with her red cloth napkin on her head, charming all those around her.

Weather turned a little chillier now but still no coat required. A little rain predicted but nothing torrential so we're planning a day out with T2 exploring some interesting thing or other. Staying at the Sleep Inn, quite adequate for the price, nice people, clean and not snooty. Holiday Inns here are apparently in a momentary love affair with themselves raising their prices nearly 30 percent since amonth ago "because we can get it" the rationale when I asked. My response to her? "Well you can get it all you want but you ain't gettin it from me!" Sleep Inn is just fine.

Shoutout to W and L in Chat for the wunderbar visit and respite from the road. We love them and MISS them already. And Mr. Chad --- walkies?

Above is a picture of a NASA rocket we saw in Alabama on night. It was massive and tres chouette.

Am going to post some pics and get on with errands for T2 and all.
OH! We are composing our list of favorite tunes since 1963 (the year the world went to hell after JFK was done in by General Eisenhower's "military industrial complex" and their cohorts in crime, or whomever....) Slow start today.

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