Monday, February 22, 2016

Millennials Speak



From today's NYTimes, in response to a Blow article disparaging those who support Bernie as urealistic.

 Mike C

New York 2 hours ago

What frustrates me as a millennial is that I was brought up being told that Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the greatest presidents in history because he was so liberal, and not just for his time. His economic bill of rights (which sadly never saw the light of day) guaranteed, among other things, that every citizen in the country has the right to a paying job. Many living politicians in the Democratic establishment sing the praises of President Roosevelt, calling him one of the greatest presidents to ever live, comparing him to Lincoln, and claiming that the New Deal saved the country from economic ruin. He was so popular that the Constitution was amended so that no future president could be elected as many times as he was.

Now, seventy years after President Roosevelt died, a candidate comes along with an awfully similar message, and the Democratic establishment completely turns their backs him. So it's become very easy to see where the rhetoric ends, and where Democrats (including you, Mr. Blow) actually stand on liberal policy.

And don't lecture me about how his agenda will never get passed. The New Deal didn't exactly sail through Congress, and a lot of what did got struck down by the Supreme Court. FDR was called a tyrant and a communist, among other things. Still, his courage, his leadership, and the boldness of his vision survive, despite the political realities of his time--it lives on in Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton. 

Yeah, what he said....

Monday, February 8, 2016

Still walkin the walk..

Still my hero. With a message we all need to hear, especially those of us over 50. The jaded many. Where did America's middle class come from? Here's one answer, and one we would all do well to remember this year.   History, it's where we are and it's what we make it. Each of us.

Nobody from CSRL on Vimeo.

And Bill Clinton is still an asshole.

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year

And the Year of the Monkey too.  Time to burn those shreds of buddhists flags waving in the wind on my back porch.  Intentions scattered to the winds...

Reading The New Yorker online this morning..   All that money for a few slick Super Bowl ads;  embarassing those Super Bowl babies, for them I mean.  Wouldn't you think?  And what kind of a country spends millions on silly, not to say desperate, ads for a ball game when so many have not a pot to piss in, can't see a doctor, have no home, are living on starch courtesy of ADM, are trying to start a life burdened with crushing school debt and lousy pay. It's freakishly Roman.

There's so much going on in the world – plus this is an election year in the US and I'm in the middle of house restoration – I thought that rather than feel obliged to write something original I'd just post items of interest here on the off chance anyone visiting might find them interesting.  You know... rather than just post nothing at all...

There was the Gloria Steinem/ Bill Maher kerfuffle this weekend... Talk about tempest in a teapot. As usual Gloria – poorly understood by those looking to pick a fight over nothing and too full of themselves and impatient to let her finish a sentence – is heaped with disdain by self-righteous, spoiled young feminstas...   but why bother..

When I read the New York Times, which I do almost daily despite their fawningly pro- Hilary position – jeez, you'd think Bernie was an also- ran, and if Ralph is right he may soon be – I am always more impressed with the Comments submitted by readers; their insight, intelligence and honesty so often outshine the content of the articles they're responding to.

Here's a recent  Times commenter whose thoughts struck me as remarkably to the point, or right on, if you will....

"gregrocker l.a. 35 minutes ago
I listened to much of the rise of talk radio during the 80's and 90's where GOP operatives simultaneously dumbed down and organized up the most ignorant third of the country. At the end of a day of Rush, Sean, Michael and [insert local hothead] they tucked the listeners in with an all-night UFO show. It was all the same piece.

It became less funny which their perfect icon George W Bush was elected President off the cover of Mad Magazine, but yet I still listened fascinated because I knew these people, had escaped from the midwest Ozarks and South where ignorance is enforced with guns and nearly weekly terrorist attacks emanate documented for decades by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

And now the convergence of the Fox News willfully ignorant 1/3 with the Entertainment-replaces-Reality Reagan redux which absorbs another third, the master showman and Ringmaster of Circus Bizarro about to pump that majority into another Presidency of flimflam, nonsense, magical thinking, contempt of the whole world. There is no civic involvement, just hordes drawn to the show like bloodthirsty Romans in the Coliseum.

The slim hope falls to the remaining third to create such a movement and roar against such ignorance and for the future that it captures the attention and wakes up some of the others. Doubtful if it would be Hillary that could do this, but Bernie could possibly lead by teaching what real citizenship is, how great nations conduct themselves and invest properly."

Right on, there, gregrocker


Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Heartbeat Away?

Stoned to the bone.

Did she get her lips done?

Or is it just a problem with facial muscle control?