Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Boob Crusader

A saint: this woman: her mission – to save our breasts.. and our lives. Do NOT miss this one, please, and be sure and pass it on to everyone, I mean everyone, you know. We need a groundswell of national indignation to put this at the top of women's health agenda – to lobby the insurance companies, congress, and probably our own medical providers.

So, what's your breast density? If you don't know, someone should have told you along the way, even if you've never had a mammo. It really pisses me off they don't just tell us this shit without our having to go looking for it under rocks, in this case the boulders of the medical-industrial complex.

Are the medical men and their corporate buddies (insurance companies, medical equipment manufacturers, Big Pharma, for-profit hospitals, and the politicians they elect) just bitter that we live longer than they do? It's not like we don't try (and try and try) to get men to eat a friggin carrot now and then, to include them in the 'health building- disease prevention' scheme.  Read some of the blogs associated with this issue. They'll balow your mind. I called my (female) gyno examiner immediately to ask her about this. She'd never heard of it. And it's been around for years now. I sent her this link, we'll talk.

And then there's


And for those of you who still think fracking (short for hydrolic fracturing, and since when is a fracture a good thing?) is the way to 'clean cheap energy independence', cheap natural gas, ("Yes, You don't have to change your greedy energy sucking lifestyle one iota!") and all that hooey, read this astonishing article from a recent Harper's on the Baaken project.

This baloney on TV ads from oil companies touting "new sources of clean energy" would be pathetic if it wasn't such a blatant dangerous lie. (Smacks of that same PR crap that had folks believing Saddam and Osama were pals, like we're that dumb) Yet I hear intelligent people pontificate about fracking like it was the Second Coming. They know better. Things in this country are getting so bad folks are beginning to sense that Ben Franklin's skepticism that we could "keep" our Republic had merit. Everyone's playing duck and cover, no one wants to hear that we must put a stop to the corruption that has infected the nation or die tryin. It's the 'die tryin' no one wants to hear, apathy has infected us and we know it. It's why we overdo "honoring the solders". We know damn well the only thing left we might lay our lives on the line for is our own little piece o heaven, our kids, our home, (equipped with the appropriate weapon of course). I often wonder what workers of the thirties who fought for fair treatment and a liveable wage would think of us today, all leaning back on the couch, developing our pre-diabetic bellies, too lazy and discouraged to even reach for the remote, much less do anything to change things. We "sigh and settle", as one friend put it.

 Consider this, by 2023 when the oil frackers have mastered sucking the oil from North Dakota, we will have surpassed Saudi Arabia as the world's foremost oil supplier. We'll be the new Saudi Arabia of oil.  That is the plan, the oil corporations' plan. But, you argue,  I thought ya'll were about cutting pollution now! I thought the energy companies were going green! Silly me. And, oh, btw, they'll need to drain those already imperiled acquifers dry to get that oil out, to process it, and then that oil's gonna get used, sold somewhere, and that means, well, let's just say our concept of seasons might be changing drastically by then what with everyone, those BRICS and all, owning cars and SUVs trying to look like American success stories. This state of affairs is projected to be a mere ten years away, that is the plan, the oil companies' plan. There's no "go green, move into green technology" save the planet agenda. There is money to be made, externalities notwithstanding and unpaid for, except by you. Fracking is the devil..  An extreme statement? Read the article and decide for yourself.

Cui bono? – not me, that's for sure, and likely not you or your descendants either.

It's enough to make me wanna get a gun.

(like that's a solution...)

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