Monday, April 15, 2013

Ding, Dong, the *itch is Dead


I've just finished reading Joan Didion's Political Fictions, and WOW, what a masterful collection of essays; the real story of the origins of what one writer has named as The Age Of Cruelty: 1980-2008, in the new Harper's. (pdf link, pass it on, svp)  For those who recall how destructive the Reagan-Thathcher menace really was, Didion's book is one of those Even Worse Than We Thought accounts, an excellent, factual, thoroughly researched history of what went on behind the scenes during the Reagan-Thatcher Show of Shows. I have to say I've never read a more disturbing account, and so superbly written, than Ms. Didion's, infuriating but refreshing in this age of limp Bob Woodward style panderering to the power elite. I couldn't put it down, yet I already knew how it ended (or didn't?) It's mindbending what they got away with selling the US and British population. I found the Grenada accounts particularly infuriating, but there's so much more. Joan's account clearly describes how they managed the whole show and alerts the reader to the continuing present practice of  the same Wag-The-Dog theatrics. Of course there have always been those voices in the wilderness who saw what was going on then and tried to speak out, but to little avail. Joan was one of them. I notice many of these journos have moved to Europe. And if you think Clinton and Obama are an improvement, well.... just read Ms. Didion's little book ...

And while we're on the subject of "leaders", all the hoopla about Hillary running for Pres in 2014? Well, unless she basically disavows every stupid thing her husband did, from signing Bush One's Nafta to deregulating the banks, she can kiss my ass. She hasn't "earned" anything, she's been well-paid for the jobs she sought. I'll never vote for a woman again just cause she's a woman. Learned that lesson with Susan Collins. I plan on writing in Senator Elizabeth Warren for President in 2014. Now there's change I can believe in. I can only hope all the disgusted Americans who feel the way I do will do the same.

Here's a bit (and video below) of what Senator Warren had to say to the "regulatory" folks at a recent Senate hearing on why HSBC hasn't been investigated for laundering drug cartel money. Folks, this is a gal who knows shyte from shinola and isn't afraid to say so.

You wanna see a real leader, a gal with real values and smarts, check these youtubes.  She's like a female Paul Wellstone, only better. That's right, you right wing nutjobs,  you can take 'em out, but they just keep coming back.

So, dearest Glenda, thanks for speaking up for those of us still able to see the forest.

And by the way, if, when you've finished Political Fictions, you need a gorgeous bit of Fresh, New literature to enliven your soul, I highly recommend Clay, a perfect first novel by one of the best writers I've ever read: a Brit named Melissa Harrison.

Thanks to Gil for the Glenda vid.


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