Saturday, May 25, 2013

After a solid week of nonstop rain I finally found something to cheer me up. It's Cynthia Scott's 1984 oscar award-winning short film, Flamenco at 5:15. Memories of Sevilla and wonderful friends there who took me to see the famous flamenco dancer in a standing room only bar in the old district, 1 a.m. An experience I will never forget...

Why I adore Spain? Flamenco! The sheer vivacity of it, life affirming and intense.

  Having my own little dance party, right here at home. Screw the rain.

And if you get a chance to watch Scott's  Strangers in Good Company (1990), (I saw it on netflix) check it out. She's bril. Just bril..  GREAT film. Done with almost no script and no professional actresses. The ultimate over 50 chick flick.

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