Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Birthday to Tee!!

hollyhock madness

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy BIRTHday, Dear TEEEEE!!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!  (and many more...)

Wishing you all the joy imaginable in the coming year, to the most beautiful woman I know.

The Hollyhocks grow like weeds out here. Voici des glorious bouquets for your viewing pleasure.

Every one is waving madly, "Hallo! Happy Birthday, Tee! We love you!!"

growing out of the sidewalk

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  1. Oh Thank you ,Thank you Thank you, for the beautiful flowers and birthday wish !!! Just beautiful !! Doesn't it just knock you out when flowers and all the little souls of nature push defiantly through the smallest of cracks and openings in sidewalks and pavement everywhere? It never fails to impress me. The flowers, the plants.... they seem so pleased with themselves. I want to say 'Good for You.... keep it up, keep coming.' Silly i know, but that's where my thoughts go ! Im loving your pictures and journal of your visit there. I am now going back to read it again. Thank you,tee