Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Hero....( sigh )

              Yanis Varoufakis for President of the World!

Be still, my heart! At long last, someone brave enough to really stand up to the Banksters! He's smart, educated, beautifully and intelligently spoken, logical, independent-minded. Did I mention well-spoken? Such clarity of thought! a refreshing change from the dimwits we must usually endure. Listing the various pains inflicted by the IMF and ECB on an already smothered Greece he referred to them as "ultimata" – didn't bat an eye. Who talks this way anymore? Actual smart people, that's who.  Folks who've studied Latin. Liberally educated Thinkers.  Folks who know the meaning of the word classical.  I positively swoon at the poetry and good sense that pours from his mouth.

And, well, just look at that photo! Does the man look like he's gonna take any crap?
Yeah. .. You go, Yanis. You just might save the world from itself. How many other economic minsters keep a blog, for godsake. Find it here.  

Gawd, he made that twit of a gal reporter at the BBC (see link above) look like an idiot, while behaving as a perfect gentleman, giving her far more credit for brains than she deserved.

 Wonder how long he'll last... 
The world is rarely kind to brilliant minds, the ones that ask us to really think.
For now at least, I'm glad to know he's out there trying to put things right.


Someone sent this along to me today, it's such a wonderfully human story I simply had to post it. A lovely example of kindheartedness in the world.


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