Monday, February 22, 2016

Millennials Speak



From today's NYTimes, in response to a Blow article disparaging those who support Bernie as urealistic.

 Mike C

New York 2 hours ago

What frustrates me as a millennial is that I was brought up being told that Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the greatest presidents in history because he was so liberal, and not just for his time. His economic bill of rights (which sadly never saw the light of day) guaranteed, among other things, that every citizen in the country has the right to a paying job. Many living politicians in the Democratic establishment sing the praises of President Roosevelt, calling him one of the greatest presidents to ever live, comparing him to Lincoln, and claiming that the New Deal saved the country from economic ruin. He was so popular that the Constitution was amended so that no future president could be elected as many times as he was.

Now, seventy years after President Roosevelt died, a candidate comes along with an awfully similar message, and the Democratic establishment completely turns their backs him. So it's become very easy to see where the rhetoric ends, and where Democrats (including you, Mr. Blow) actually stand on liberal policy.

And don't lecture me about how his agenda will never get passed. The New Deal didn't exactly sail through Congress, and a lot of what did got struck down by the Supreme Court. FDR was called a tyrant and a communist, among other things. Still, his courage, his leadership, and the boldness of his vision survive, despite the political realities of his time--it lives on in Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton. 

Yeah, what he said....

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