Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Real New Yorker Won Big

Hang in there, Bernie. You may have this thing won yet.

So Hillary didn't so much win 58% of the vote in New York yesterday as she lost 42% to Bernie.  That's 42% of Democrats in what she likes to claim is her home state... of course it wasn't her home state until she wanted to run for Senator and moved to a posh NY suburb which must have seemed like quite a come down after The White House Washington Power Whirl...  all those servants waiting on you hand and hoof.   But that's the Clintons for you.... always angling.

A quick glance at the NY map reveals who voted for Hill:  The urban and suburban well to do... Bernie carried the rest of the state... i.e., regular people voted for him in droves. What if the thousands in Brooklyn and NYC who weren't allowed to vote had voted? One wonders why, come every election, we find ourselves asking that question so often. Why, in a democracy, is it so hard to cast a simple vote?

Rumor has it many of her younger campaign staff actually voted for Bernie, and why wouldn't they? There's a reason the young are so tuned to Bernie's message: he's speaking to them about their future, a subject Hillary avoids. She knows damn well the kind of future her daughter of privilege can expect is and in no way will be that of the average young person in America.. she doesn't even believe it should be. In fact, given the way she chastises Bernie for his "dreams" of a better future for young people, it would seem she doesn't want the sons and daughters of average folks moving "beyond their station", if you will. For what then would be the point of all the political finagling, opportunity enhancement and millionaire mingling she and Bill have so obsequiously pursued for years? Now that her daughter is well married off  and her inheritance assured, it's hard to imagine Hillary concerns herself with anyone's future but her own. There's a juicy word for the kind of desperate, not to say embarrassing, ethics-free power grab one senses with Hillary.. I just can't recall what it is... 

And to those lightweight, nouveau, self-styled "feminists" of the privileged class who insist that any woman who doesn't vote for Hill is betraying her gender, I say: I learned that lesson years ago, honey, when I voted for women Republican Senators who turned right around and voted for anti-choice Supreme Court ideologues; I'd rather cast a real vote for our daughters' futures and the planet's than usher in another self-serving politician who's running on resentment, hoping to prove a point and expunge her fury over having married a such a creep.

Yeah, I'm feelin that Bern.  Right to the finale. and then?... NO I'm not voting for her. She's as creepy as the guy she married. 

Go, Bernie. Here's another twenty bucks.

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