Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Christmas Letter

It is said that the only way to eradicate the darkness 
is to make progress in the light.

This is a letter I wrote recently to a friend who is a Trump fan, a friend I treasure though our politics are worlds apart in some ways.  She sent me an article that complained how Trump was being harassed by Democrats to divest himself of his business interests before assuming office. It's sort of my message to the world this Christmas. 

"My wonderful friend, I love you dearly. 

"This story has been all over the news for weeks. Especially in the New York Times and foreign newspapers.  Because it's actually a big deal. The emoluments clause of the Constitution requires that all presidents do what the Democrats are demanding Trump do. Why his own party isn't demanding this as well is certainly weird. The old Republican Party of say 1970 would have. Every president in the past has done this, sold their properties and investments, usually before they even begin campaigning, so as to not have any conflict of interests while in office. Trump hasn't released his tax returns either, and I find that troubling.  Every US president since the 50s has released their returns during the campaign. There's a good reason for that. To show they have nothing to hide, for one.

I consider myself an truly independent thinker when it comes to politics, but I fear this is going to be a sad era for the country. As if things weren't bad enough already, (and I blame Democrats as well as Republicans for that), now we have billionaires who will run the country for their own profit and to our ruin as a nation. I am fearful for everyone's future and pray that  the half of the country who feels no obligation as citizens to actually vote might change their minds and vote next time, once they see how bad things can really get when business tries to run government. Business is not about people, it's about profits, and there is little or no profit in caring for the sick and elderly, educating our children, and promoting healthy families and lives, fixing roads and bridges, seeing that the people have clean air and water, that workers have dignity.

I know that you and I feel the same about these things, we value the same good things. We care about the less fortunate. I do think you might want to read some more authentic news sources rather than these websites that are weak on facts and big on getting folks so riled up they can't see their fellow citizens whose opinions might differ from their own as anything but enemies, when they're just people too trying to figure it out.  I think all this alt-right stuff is mighty un-Christian in spirit. It's mean and dangerous. I know my Testament as well as anyone and have no doubt all the hate and intolerance engendered by the Trump campaign is something Jesus would condemn strongly. I always remember how He tossed the money lenders out of the temple (where they didn't belong). The only time in the entire New Testament Jesus actually loses his temper.  I don't think Trump has a Christian bone in his body. He demonstrates time after time he's out for one person - himself. The arrogance of a man so obviously unqualified for the office, who during his entire life has never shown any interest in benefitting society, and with a documented history of ripping workers off,  thinking he deserves to be leader of the free world is just shocking to me.  God help us all, is all I can say. As ye sow...

Still, I hope your Christmas is a Merry One. You're so lucky to have [a granddaughter] to celebrate it with.  I love you and miss you more than you know. You are a true Christian woman and a good person. We should all be asking ourselves WWJD more often. Love your enemies, turn the other cheek, deal with the beam in your own eye, etc.  These things help keep the world a sane and loving place.

 I'm always so glad to hear from you. Be well. Stay in touch. Love to J---- if you see her.


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