Thursday, February 2, 2017

Buddhism Under Threat

Read The Russian Buddhist versus the Billionaire. A sad tale indeed, but here's the part I love – they keep on  building the monastery as though the threat of demolition was not upon them. Now that's what I call living in the moment.
Still, here's yet another example of the insanely shortsighted thinking that rules the globe today, including Trump's pals, Russia's New Capitalists.

How could any sane person turn this

into this, for the sake of a buck?

I just don't know anymore.

And it occurs to me as i study this last photo, the many pits dug and abandoned to their barren future, that our western states may look like this before long. Just ringed pits of scarred earth.

It's enough to make you call a senator or something.

And yet, just when you feel like it could get no worse, a wee bit o' sunshine peeks out from behind the interminable cloud and announces this phenomenal bit o good news!

Yes, Virginia, there really is still a judiciary.

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