Monday, March 27, 2017

God Bless Senator Whitehouse

During the Gorsuch hearings, we learned who this man really is. On the bright side: apparently popular soap operas of long standing high ratings suffered a loss in viewership as a result of folks actually tuning in to c-span! Way to be citizens!  Small d democrats be prepared to get "gored by Grouch" in future.

 And then there's Senator Coons' inspiring moment of truth, a commendable attempt to get this femmie valley girl ersatz judge to splain hisself.  Honestly, Senatoor Coons was impressive, and they say we have no Dems with cajones and smarts.Wait for Coons' moment where he harkens back to Gorsuch's view of "the sanctity of human life"... gotcha.  As a citizen I bitterly resent this judge's smug, condescending attitude. All the smarminess of your everyday pedophile.


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