Saturday, April 10, 2010

That's my pal in Tiananmen Square exercising her right to free speech last year! HA! Take that you nazi swine!

So check this out if you haven't seen it already. It's Annie Leonard's (bless 'er) always entertaining, funny and witty latest, The Story of Bottled Water, a must see for all those who have yet to get aboard with a Kleen Kanteen or the like, eschewing the purchase of high polluting bottles of H2O made by your local petrochemical factory and filled with the same tap water you could get for free if your brain was functioning properly and responsibly.

I really admire people like Annie who aren't afraid to say at the outset

"1. We're trashing the planet.
2. We're trashing each other.
3. And we're not even having fun."

There's a gal with true vision who has her priorities in order.

She puts her money where her mouth is, on a refillable metal water bottle. Check out her Story of Stuff if you're feeling overwhelmed by all you possess as well. It'll cheer you up! More on that issue later. A piece on the Story of Cap and Trade is great as well!! Her work is supported in part by the Environmental Working Group (who oughta be up for Nobel Prizes if you ask me. You know, the same folks who brought you the cosmetic database!? Send them some money!)

Later, prestidigitators!


  1. Hey girlfriend. I'm a little nearer you than usual. Writing this from downtown Boston as I'm over here speaking at a conference, Shame you're not around or I'd have come for a visit. Keep well. A

  2. sorry to miss you! if i were in maine i'd meet you in boston. alas! i am way south of there at the moment. enjoy beantown!