Monday, July 12, 2010

ma nouvelle robe chic
blouson chic


that little dessert I intended to have after my leetle lamb chop (yummy) last night? The one that spoke to me like the Doggy in the Window? The one I thought was a cheesecake? NON!

It wasn't a cheesecake at all! It's called Petit Fromage because it looks like a leetle wheel of cheese but it's NOT. It's a heavenly petite dacquoise! My favorite dessert on earth! Coffee butter cream (the real thing, all butter, no "lard" god!) between hazelnut merinque layers all dolled up to look like a mini wheel of goat cheese or something. Butter cream! I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Made myself utterly ill for hours and ate the whole thing. I mean, it's teeny! 3" in diameter! Not big! But riche? Oui! And sweet butter melt on your tongue yummy. I adore meringue that good.

I ate half the Paris Brest (again, cafe butter cream lightened with creme chantilly –whipped cream– in a choux pastry) after lunch today of rice salad and smoke turkey slices and iced tea. Yowza.

Ok, I picked this new little "makeup" (?) trick video from a piece in the NY Times a week or so ago. It is truly horrifying. Ever since I saw it, and read about the increasing use of such "eye augmentation" among the young, I now see these crazy eyes in almost everyone I meet but old people!! it's like night of the living dead or something. What's next? These faux eyes are dangerous. Can't you just see an entire generation of young people at 40 going blind and with brain cancer from being glued to their mobiles? Scary if you ask me.

I'm off the the bibliotheque for books to read, and to walk doggie.

Started a story sketch today. I almost like it.

a good day.

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  1. Your postings are so entertaining. A nice break from my day.
    Ayez un jour d'amusement!