Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back in Maine safe and sound. Huge bouquet of thanks to all the lovely Quebecois who helped me get down the road as painlessly as possible and helped to keep a smile of gratitude on my face.

Je me souviens!! Merci!!

AND on top of all that, it barely rained at all on the six hour drive home! Now how lucky can a girl get?

With regard to the question I posited earlier this morning regarding the Great National Nasal Bilking, here's some interesting info regarding what Our Nose Knows and keeps secret more often than we acknowledge, and the subtle ways in which our sense of smell affects our thinking and emotional responses, which then determine our choices and have long lasting effects on our lives.

[Below: Someone's idea of ' a bluenose crowd' I found today searching for pics of noses. Just food for (somewhat nauseating) thought. the scary thing is that it isn't so far fetched, or even surprising, is it?]

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