Sunday, August 1, 2010

So, come sit under the umbrella with me for a last, creamy bol of cafe au lait, done just right, rich, hot and lovely. Who cares that the waitress is an airhead? It's a glorious day and that's enough. Sad to be leaving, glad to be moving once more. When I got my hair done the other day, the coiffeuse asked me what I was doing in Montreal and I said I was housesitting, having sold my house, etc., maybe on to Europe ... Immediately she replies, "You're a Sagittarius!" Why yes, said I. How did you know? "Because you love to travel!" Well, yes, I have loved the idea of that all my life but haven't really been able to do much of that until now.. .. and so

La Croissanterie cafe near the house..

... I bid farewell to Montreal, new acquaintances, and the Toi, Moi cafe tomorrow... It's been an interesting experience. But I am in travel mode and must carry on to whatever tomorrow has in store for me.. . Scandalous isn't it, at my age, to be so 'rootless'. So irresponsible! I who have put down such tenacious, green, sincere, and glorious roots in the earth and nurtured them to fruition for the enjoyment of all. So I leave it a little better than I find it. Not a bad legacy. Part Cherokee, that's what that instinct is about I bet... Begs the question of course "What is 'better'?"
It's just intuitive I think .
It's in your jeans.
Recently discovered Rue Labadie

Front yard water features are common here...

Tai Chi in the parc

“You know ... it is a hard world for poets.”
Luciano Barbera -- Italian maker of fine fabrics and bespoke suits in today's NY Times.

before and after [anyone see an attitude difference besides me?]

I'm not going to spoil my last day here with a tirade about the trivia awaiting commentary on my desktop: like whether or not we should build schools in afghanistan instead of paying soldiers; or the bizarre incidence of maternal infanticide in France; or whether or not we really are a nation of homeowners (I think Ewe Reinhardt is a brainy doll); or why women are choosing not to have bebes; or frankly, even though my late sister Peanut's favorite pit stop made the front page of the NY Times this week, whether or not traffic in Wiscasset is backed up for miles (cuz I know how to get around it now); or how to find a nanny or sitter; or why the US is lagging so badly in college graduation stats compared to other developed countries. In fact, unless something manages to get a rise out of me in the next few days, I think I'll take a break from this page and see if I can't work on some other pages. Backatcha in a week or so...

Au revoir, Quebec! A la prochaine.... Merci pour la gentillesse. Je me souviens. Je reviendrai.


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  2. Bugger! I just wanted to edit my post!

    anyway - I thought it funny that with reference to Red's lobster shack on Route one, someone said that you could nap on Route 1 in the wintertime.

    With regards to The American Dream and crappy college graduation stats and critical thinking, this piece by George Carlin kind of says it all. It's not particularly funny. I also hope you don't have to make a facebook account just to watch it. Try youtube, but apparently it gets pull ed from youtube as soon as someone puts it up.!/video/video.php?v=159216125164&ref=mf

    It was delightful having you visit Montreal - you must do it again sometime soon, and please call as soon as you arrive :)

    I wrote a wee paragraph on how we're not always so nice, or only when the sun shines or something, but my argument was faulty and I ended up proving the opposite point. So you're right :)

    travel safely - enjoy Chambly ;)

  3. Ah yes, those Saturday morning haircuts when we were kids. I also have a barber near me now who is quite good. However, he is seldom in the shop too. Hard to catch up with him. I've had to use a lady barber, my first non old Italian man barber in my lifetime.