Friday, October 22, 2010

BTW ____ full moon tonight. La Bella luna!

Giant Dove of peace over metro early a.m.

whole candied fruit

johnny depp in metro

the last stage of restoration

new friends

up on the roof...

TGIF.... my last one in Sevilla.... for awhile anyway... I'll be back, I'm sure. One always has to come back to a place that captures your imagination and your heart. Passed my class, so cheers to me and to everyone else who managed to soldier on to the end!

I'm sitting her listening to the 'football' game happening on the other side of the wall , a sound i've come to love actually, the exuberance and joy always there in their voices.

Wonderful time touring the Cathedral with Carmen this afternoon, and other parts of the city I hadn't seen until she showed them to me... but that's for my next post (cuz i took, much to my surprise, over 140 pictures of the Alcazar and the Cathedral and Santa Cruz district, etc. today and they will just have to be posted manana. Here are some other photos of our last day of teaching, and the terrace lunch party with some of our students, all of whom brought delicious things, local dishes, they made at home. Not the least of these were a delicious tuna and pasta salad (Miguel?), Rafa's tomato puree concoction the name of which i forget, but which was yummy with picos, a wonderful tortilla (who made that? a tortilla here is like a frittata in mexico, sort of, but it usually consists of eggs and potatoes only -- maybe some cheese-- really good!), Giulia's delicious Italian cake, and loads of other foods. We were all to bring things, and some Celtas baked scones and the like, but I had no kitchen to cook really and no time as i had to teach that day and was up past midnight with my lessonplanning. So I took Ian's suggestion (I think he really wanted someone to make this) and made PB and Js on crustless bread (yes, you can buy that in a loaf here!) and ants on a log, a lovely treat every former brownie or girl scout knows. Big hits both.

The party was fun, and then I went about exchanging shoes for T, wrong size originally, etc. The store keepers were nice and exchanged them. Free from worries and lesson planning, I wandered the city until dark, bought some jeans cheap and did a little early xmas shopping. Meandered.... my favorite past time.

So here'e yesterday in pictures... i'm beat. think i'll see what's on iTunes worth watching tonight. Tomorrow we have a big day in the country planned, duck and rice on the menu!, near a state park near the Atlantic Ocean?? Okay, I'm game... just tell me what time to be ready.



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