Monday, February 14, 2011

And a great big Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!
A BIG HUG and double kisses going out to anyone reading this... hope all your luv wishes come true. Of course many of us have already learned the lesson of "Beware what you wish for", but let's not go there today, shall we?

For in the sixties we learned You Can't Hurry Love. If that little youtube farce doesn't lift your spirits, you're a hopeless old codger no one in their right mind would love anyway.

And fellas, are you actually thinking twice about doing something really nice for your Main Squeeze today? My advice -- go for it. Why? Cause women are feelin the squeeze where they least need it. Try these girlstats on for size and see if they don't put things in a little clearer focus for ya.

I am so sick of trying to make a decent cup of coffee like the yumminess I could find in any cafe in Montreal last summer (and found, by the way, nowhere in Italy OR France!) I am considering buying every single item mentioned in this article in the Times on a little known fact of modern life: apparently the Japanese are the world kings of coffee.

Lastly, if you ever wonder what happened to the real Left in this country, try listening to what this utterly brilliant and brutally (refreshingly) honest gentleman of integrity has to say in his address to anyone who wonders what must be done here now that the Egyptians have put us to shame. This is the most inspiring talk I've heard in a very long time but an american man of letters who is still capable of penetrating thought. I highly recommend it. And I plan on buying his book as well. Warning: have a pad and pencil handy as he's very quotable and has excellent reading suggestions for those who would be well informed. He writes a regular column for Truthdig as well.

I presume everyone's seen the completely charming VW/Darth ad by now, but in case you haven't, here it is. Awards galore to come, and well deserved. And the little actor that plays Darth is a lovely kid, the survivor of several heart surgeries, and deserves all the accolades he gets.

Ever wonder how we're gonna manage to feed the planet in twenty years and beyond? Here's a guy who 's thinking about it, and has come up with some very interesting ideas worth considering. Check it out.

Ok, sports fans, Now get out there and spread JOY!

love and kisses, everyone!


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