Thursday, February 3, 2011

"The Revolution will not be televised..."

No, it will be brought to you by Facebook and Twitter.

Above, bandaged from head to toe, (courtesy Al Jazeera) the guy who started it all, Mohammed Bouazizi, here being visited by the now ousted president of Tunisia, who promised to help Mohammed's family get him the medical help he needed, in France if need be. Except that he lied; the help never materialized. And Mohammed, who had set himself on fire in protest of government corruption, died, and a revolution was ignited "with a stone in one hand and a cellphone in another" as the government tried to squelch video communication between protesters and the outside world and failed. Mostly thanks to Facebook and Twitter. Everyone knows I'm no fan of either, but, well... well done there. Credit where credit's due.

One simply can't go on
about the subjective trivia of life in times like these. I actually got an email today from someone concerned about the morality of wearing old mink coats. I'm like, Quoi? Do you see what's going on out there? There are people in the streets putting their lives on the line and demanding to be treated with dignity! With humanity! The people of the Middle East are teaching us all a lesson in what democracy really looks like. And it all started with one very brave 26 year old guy who lived in poor village in Tunisia, Mohamed Bouazizi. Mohammed wanted nothing more than to sell his fruit in order to feed his family. But he didn't have a permit, and was constantly harassed by the local corrupt police. The last time was the last straw, and he set himself on fire in protest, a match that lit the revolution erupting today in Egypt, and elsewhere. This is global, folks. And it looks to me like it's pretty much be there or be square.

I came late to this party, newswise, and was deeply moved to read the story of this brave young man who died for a principle and inspired the people of northern Africa and now all over the middle east to stand up to the corrupt powers that be. Read the real story of how this came about here.

This story is riveting; it's got me paying attention anyway. Tomorrow will be a big deal as Egyptians pour into the city and deliver the ultimatum, Mubarak goes now or else. If you want to see real coverage I suggest either the BBCA on cable, BBC online or Al Jazeera English, whic you can live stream at ( ). According to them, there have been 300 deaths in Tahrir Square, not 7 or 8. More perspectives on the Middle East here at MEMRI tv. The Egyptian fracas started when Egyptian security services refused to help provide security for Christians and Muslims in Alexandria who tried to call for unity and tolerance. If you're listening to Glen Beck's madness, well, good luck with that pov. He's like the wicked witch of the west, melting down before our eyes. I imagine Ailes will find some reason to fire him soon. He's already lost 30% of his audience I hear.

To the people of Egypt we say:

Dare to struggle, dare to win.

Power to the people, right on..

[I've been trying to get the Al jazeera links to work here but they're overloaded since we americans aren't allowed to have that on our cable lineup, but folks must be watching it online anyway and circuits are loaded, OR , well you know, it's being blocked... well, hopefully not.] seems to be working now... be patient. must be overload.

Btw, It has finally stopped snowing and the sun is, at last, shining. The snow is up to the top of my car in places. You can have this crap weather.

Random thoughts: are camels now the Dodge Rams of Egypt? You know, like the redneck vehicle of preference? Hut hut hut! And Ed Rendell is the corrupt pig behind the biggest art swindle in American history. Why is msnbc looking to him for comment on this situation? And Jamie Rubin? Pulleese. Christianne's hubby? He used to be cute, now gravity (not to be confused with gravitas) is doing its work on his pathetic mug. Obama didn't seem very sincere in his 'support' of the Egyptian people, did he? Everyone knows it's always about who the army chooses to support in the end, true of every government in that region for all of history. Most of these tv guys are sellout cowards who are looking for nothing more than the 'safe' position. One eye on the markets, of course. The only thing that really matters to any of them.

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