Friday, April 8, 2011

Anyone who isn't angry, isn't paying attention..

This week I'm busy tryin to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and enjoy the fact that spring ... yes, that generally slow, weak- assed version we get in Maine, is finally here. Fields are burning, croci are waving their puny colors like hungry birdlings begging to be noticed, sap buckets are hanging heavy off the trees, the redbud miasma fills the woods, and tractor trailers are pulling in and out of the docks all day delivering rich folks' floating entertainment centers. I got out the metal rake and spronged away, yanking leaves out of the struggling daffodils. Tryin to feel like a human being again ..

And I thought I'd check back in here, having been absent for weeks, working madly on my never finished novel. Thought maybe I'd say hey. It's been a rough month and I wondered if anyone missed me except Tee. What do I find but a nasty comment from Lori, the Dumb Blond (I"m blonde, so back off) who never laid eyes on me but felt the need to come on over here and tell me I'm an angry person because I called what she wrote the very stuff that is dumbing America down. (I can prove that statement, by the way, but I happened on her site on a day when the stupidity of american voters had really gotten to me. ) I check out her profile and find she feels compelled to tell us she's a Christian (why does she feel the need to tell me that? If your religion doesn't feel like a private thing to you, in my book you're a proselytizer, you label people by religion, which means your mind is closed) and a public grammar school teacher. Need I say more? Critical thinking, not her forte.

Anyway, people like to ask me what my plans are these days. I like saying I have none. Too often, when people ask you what your plans are, they're really insisting you must HAVE a plan. Got forbid anyone should take time off from their duties. I find that people with money, or who are used to the things and security money can buy, assume everyone can plan a future and waalaa! it will materialize. I like saying I have no plan, even though i do. In fact I have several. But it's a secret. One I only share with those I really trust. And that list shrinks every day. People who insist that a woman my age, who has accomplished much in her life, have a plan are the kind of folks who like to lecture those on time for those who are tardy. I say, f*@% 'em.

Or as Tee told me on the phone today (and was there ever a better sister/listener?):

All these people telling me I'm angry is really pissing me off!

Note: fair warning --- I'm back, less deferential than ever, so if you don't want to hear what i have to say, just head on over to some other site and best of luck to ya. Feel free to comment though if your comment is nasty, it will remain posted so long as it's funny, or has some redeeming feature, like facts or information .. obscenity, particularly of the sexist type, is not welcome.

Final Note: The Repubs will take the vote away from women next, after they insist every sexual encounter produce offspring for the Fatherland and every woman wear a veil.

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  1. You Go Girl....I'm Feelin'Ya....You Go...!!!!
    Showem' what you're made of, and never let someone step all over you're life. They have no right, and it's just plain Rude!!!

    (I do Thank you for your kind words.. I truly do)