Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inquiring minds want to know......

Here's my question: If Rick Perry, who after all is only marginally "other" than Shrub, wins the White House, would that make Anita Thigpen Perry, a former nurse and adamant supporter of her hubby's mandatory HPV vaccination for l'il girls, the first bleached blonde First Lady to occupy the White House? Given her stated priorities – her family and her husband's political ambitions –she's the perfect female role model for the Me-Firsters who will decide the next election given the country's general drift into despair and apathy, i.e., the likelihood that many voters will simply not show up in 2012. Unless, of course, they're lucky enough to live in Massachusetts and head out to vote for Elizabeth Warren . . . . lucky ducks. (If you haven't sent her a few bucks lately, click on link and donate to her campaign. Even if you don't live in Mass., it's the Senate, folks. Tu sabe?)

Inquiring minds want to know.....

And what do we know of "Crisco" Christie's wife? Who is the woman behind this guy who even centrist Jersey voters elected? Would a Christie presidency include intimate suppers with mob bosses? Is he just demurring 'neath batted lashes when he sez he won't run? Then there are those rumors that folks like Barbara Bush (sr.) are calling his wife, Mary, and encouraging them to go for it. The White House that is. Would he then be our fattest president ever? Shades of Taft.

James Antle of The American Spectator had this to say here:

"Having said all that, the speech does remind me why so many people hope he'll run and doesn't do anything to discourage speculation that he ultimately will."

Again....... inquiring minds.........

You ask me, we need a guy in the White House who has the patience, forethought, intelligence, respect for nature, and general chill attitude toward problem solving that THIS guy has in spades.

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