Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oyeh, Oyeh!!
Best news I've heard all day!!
Lisbeth Warren won't go away.
Oyeh! Oyeh!

They squeezed her out of heading up the Consumer Protection Agency she insisted on creating after Wall Street buggered the American populace, but she won't go quietly into that good night. No sirree. And just when we need someone truly fearless, a leader undaunted by the intimidation tactics of The Power Elite, someone who really knows how to speak truth to power and has the cajones to do it. Elizabeth Warren, the obstreperous defender of Little Man and Woman, of you and me, the brainy, practical scourge of Too Big Banks and Tea Party anti-oversight bozos, and [breathlessly] MY HEROINE for over three years,

Halleluia, praise the Lord, and pass the ammo, baby! This is the best news I've heard in, well,


No matter your political bent, this is a person of genuine integrity and smarts who knows how things were done, are done, and should be done, and done differently than the powers that be who are screwing the middle class. Warren is a whole new variety of politician, a female Ralph Nader (you remember him, the guy to whom many of us owe our very lives?), and I'm gonna send her a feckin check this very day. [She's testing the financial waters here.] Send her some dough! Register for updates! Tell her, "You go, girl, cause we, the dying Middle Class, will have your back!"

Take some time to check her out if you give a shyte about what happens to this country; you'll be glad you did. Again, send her money, cause the Dems might be shy about supporting a gal who tells it like it is. If you haven't been following this truth seeking missile, and you need a little convincing that she's the real deal, a genuine Patriot, the kind of voice we need in DC, consider taking a moment to read the links above offered for your rabble rousing inspiration. Unlike the diabolical shysters running Wall Street and K street, this gal is what used to be called a God fearing human being. See her on Daily Show here.

Let's put her in the Senate! let's fill Teddy Kennedy's seat with someone who will do justice to his legacy.

Then let's talk Bernie Sanders into running for President and really turn this wheelless buggy around.

Damn! This calls for a celebration!!

As Gomer would say: Shazzam!

You know, we had to actually read C. Wright Mills' The Power Elite in high school, a public high school. Deez teachers today nevah hoid a dat book.

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  1. As a member of the Tea Party, I say go for it (Warren and Sanders)!