Friday, October 28, 2011

I woke up at 4 a.m. today and headed right for the cartoons. If I had a tv I would have found some old ones on Nick. Instead I found these lovely drawn ones and laughed til I thought I'd burst. Are we not a generation conditioned to perform this morning ritual from the time we could toddle? Bowl of cereal and milk in hand, on our knees, assuming the position, rapt with attention, before the early morning toons, hopeful mum and dad didn't wake up before we'd got our fill? It's an endorphin laden, positive start to what will inevitably be another futile day of meaningless "adult" activity ...

A personal fave....

This one is very era appropriate...

To celebrate the new moon, let's lighten up and have a good laugh. I suggest frequent trips to the Toothpaste for Dinner archives. In seconds you'll be laughing hysterically. And laughing while trying not to make a sound at ungodly hours of the morning so as not to wake the whole house up is twice as funny.

Laughter: the best medicine. Treat yourself to a dose of hysteria today. Sure beats feeling this kind of Depressed. The very word has all the heft of a major piece of industrial machinery, something that could grind the life out of you... Anyway, it takes a genius to make depression this funny. truly. check it.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, thought I'd return the favor--I still don't know how I feel about blogging--I feel like I have to keep it watered, but it's like a plant that gets just enough to hang on--it won't ever be one of the very focused ones, but, it is a good place to shelve a few emotions that may not find expression anywhere else in life, at least every once in a while.
    A place to convey some of the absurdity, wry beauty of existential pointlessness, and justified indignation at crippling hierarchy, as you do so nicely in these series of posts--but for me, the sign offering free dry-cleaning for job interview clothes was worth the price of admission...!
    Yes, it would be good to shed some hopelessness for Advent, and indefinitely...Did you see Democracy Now! this morning? Check out the archived broadcast about Brian Wilson's life--whoah! One of the most amazing interviews/people I've ever seen--now I want to get his book, _Blood On the Tracks_. He is the embodiment of resistance by his emphatic connecting with people/activism.

    Naps are nice, especially when you get up at 4 a.m....

  2. The Brian Wilson (not beach boy one) interview on democracy now is truly amazing. Thanks to dreamsamelia for that. It moved me deeply.