Saturday, October 22, 2011

pt 1/4 Meltdown -

Move over Matt Damon. This is a Mindblowing account of what really happened, why it happened, and is continuing to happen to the world economy. Kudos to Al Jazeera for doing its homework fearlessly.

Meltdown: The Secret History Behind the Global Financial Collapse

I've watched everything out there on the 08 Meltdown, and this is beyond comparison the most thorough reportage on the whole financial mess, including the current euro crisis, how it came about, who's responsible (not just banks but individuals), and what we can expect in future. Frankly, this four part video blew my mind. Easy to see why US cable providers don't want Americans watching this stuff. Ever wonder why Dubai seems to be immune from all this? Well, they're not. In this refreshingly honest series you'll find none of that pussy footing around you get on PBS. AlJaz gives us the whole story, and not just the watered down, censored, whiny white boys' version.

Get ready to be blown away... it's nearly four hours long, four parts @ 42 mins or so each. And if you hit a glitch, just forward the timing cursor a few seconds. You can also watch it on AlJazeera English, but sometimes it glitches.

Pass it on.

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