Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How I Spent September Eleventh, 2012

In the process of going through my cds, purging the no longer loved/needed (along with pretty much everything else I once believed important), I came across a slim, cheaply made DVD snagged at an anti-Iraq-war rally in Boston years ago. Aha! Here was the perfect antidote to the maudlin annual extravaganza of fearmongering claptrap the media barrages us with on what has come to be known as The Anniversary of Nineleven (the odd word “anniversary” implying something worthy of “celebration”).

Before pushing Play, I recall that over two thousand scientists and engineers have strongly disputed the government’s account of what occurred that day. Many people, not enough apparently, still feel (especially the victims’ families) something just didn’t jibe in the public’s passive acceptance of the Party line presented by “our” government. Those still skeptical may want to watch this same documentary  ( the one I have linkhere) and (Final cut linkhere which I haven't seen). But most likely you won’t. No one, as they say, wants to “go there” anymore, sleeping dogs and all that. No “relitigating the past” as Obama so cowardly advised immediately he took office.

Problem is, too many dogs were left sleeping after that horrid day, thousands in fact, treated worse than dogs, so that, according to research, a dramatic upswin occurred in the consumption of antidepressives, alcohol and other palliatives, junk food, sleeping aids, squandered savings, to really leave any of us believing we’re blameless in the face of no prosecutions of the perpetrators. 

And Edmund Burke comes to mind: All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

But hey,“whatev”.. Nothing to do with me.

At least the Bushies are gone, aren’t they? Another unanswered question we all surely know the answer to.
I know the day Obama announced we’d turn a page, a blind eye, whatever you wanna call it, my heart sank. I never bought his call to “hope”, but still, I harbored some. Silly me.

Watching Loose ChangeII, the courage it took to make that video against the wave of paranoia that swept the land then deeply impressed me once more. During the winter of 2001-02, everyone, everyone was eyed with suspicion as to our patriotism if we dared to question anything, or failed to display a flag in the yard or window or on the effing car for godsake, I remember feeling afraid then, of my fellow citizens, of my government and their unchecked ruthless determination. Watching the documentary again last night, for the first time in years, reminded me of the sense of desperation I felt during that time, and fear, wondering how so many of my fellow citizens could swallow Ari Fleischer’s narrative, believing we must “watch what we say”. Quoi?

Figuring to cheer myself up with Viggo Mortensen’s handsome face and superior acting talent, I followed the documentary with a viewing of the film “Good”. Superbly crafted film in every way, the kind of quality and honesty we see so rarely. It left me wondering (not for the first time) if I’d have been one of the Jews in Germany who saw what was coming and left in time. Or would I be one who insisted on thinking only the best of people, of the Party, that their intentions were basically good, a little bizarre, nothing to do with me, just boys being boys, same ol’ same ol’ politics, slightly illegal perhaps, but all to the “good”, in the end. And we all know what that end was.

But let’s not “go there”.  No, let's not.

Fall’s coming on here in Maine, chilly nights, clear blue days. I vacillate between despair for my country and bucking myself up with Things will get better. Surely this corrupted ship of state will right itself on its own. Yes, it’s just part of the pendulum, the process. Nothing to do with me. I’m a good person, aren’t I? Best to let things alone, don’t make waves, we are, after all, America, the world’s beacon of admirable ideal, justice, equality and all that.


Yeah, I’ll have another.



(I found the above in my great aunt's trunk and kept it)

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