Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Extra Deep Space

Just what I needed: Extra Deep Space!!

Let's hear it for science! Read more here.

Forbes Thought Of The Day
“ When a man tells you he got rich through hard work, ask him: Whose? ”
— Don Marquis

Then there's Extra Deep Shyte, otherwise known as FoxNews.

Just taking a break from (the annual frenzy of) sorting through and packing up possessions, regrouping, adjusting to life's surprises. So paying little attention to politics these days, even though the blatantly elitist Romney campaign gaffs are endlessly entertaining as he goes about fashioning the geeknoose to hang himself with. God, and we thought W was dumb!
The Daily Show manages to keep up with events for me, at least offers a lighter side to what would otherwise seem the endlessly painful national tragedy that is "government" these days, insofar as political progress and intelligent debate are concerned. So Mr. Stewart recently did a primo job summing up the Republican Meind Set vis the rest of us, and the utter booshyte of austerity economics and other anti-have-not propaganda being pressed on struggling peoples across the globe. It's only four minutes long but he really nailed it – refreshing. Video Link here.  Now and then he redeems himself by doing bits like this.

Let's all give a big cheer for Curiosity, doing its job up there on Mars. You go, Bot!

October issue of Harper's Magazine has an insightful argument against the current international austerity fad as well, though it's quite beyond me why anyone buys the bootstraps-do- without-food- and- healthcare- and- pensions line. If that doesn't work, try this link, and if that doesn't work, buy a subscription. It's the thinking person's magazine.  A non-profit as well since, uh, 1856? Or so....

Remember Fractured Fairy Tales? (And Where are Boris and Natasha when we need them?)....  Here's one.

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