Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Round Two

Benghazi,  a house afire...

Well, I guess we're in for another low- level- intelligence, americanized infotainment version of "debate" tonight. Too bad Obama doesn't have Sam and CJ and Josh to coach him through. You gotta wonder, if the president's people decided to "let Obama be Obama", what would that even mean? How does the guy hope to counter Romney's slippery slimey fishness with more witless commentary that hasn't an ounce of fight in it? Would a little righteous indignation kill him?  Is he really that worried about lookin like an angry niggah? Jesus, there's plenty to be furious about, isn't there?

Anyway, today someone at The Atlantic suggests everyone read this before they subject themselves to whatever criticisms the right is gonna throw at the O admin re the Benghazi disaster during the town hall torture tonight. I have to say, it reads like an high action screenplay, riveting all the more cause it actually happened, and if Obama has a brain in his head he'll mention FIRST the bravery of the security folks at the Benghazi compound and slam Romney for trying to capitalize on their noble failure to hold the fort.  Then he'll remind the Romryan morons that it isn't the JOB of security forces at US embassies to protect personnel but to "hold the fort".

You know, if back in '69 you'd a told me I'd someday long for the ball breaking political savvy of Lyndon Johnson I'd a called you demented.

LBJ, the old man with his long hair and his pack of beagles. Would that he'd come back from the dead and kick a little ass.  He'd make mincemeat of both Harry Reid and Boehner in one go. Set those boys down, as they say.

And you can bet he'd have him a nice bourbon and branch and a smoke before going on stage.
stay loose....

If you're watching the town hall debate tonight, follow along with the Dems' truth team fact checker simultaneously here.

I wish Elle Woods was the questioner. she wouldn't let Mitt get away with shit.

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