Friday, November 9, 2012

A Binder Full of Women

Driving through this Downtown Smalltown on Wednesday the massive sense of relief was palpable. Yes, Happy Days, even with the Cliff looming, sez Gail. A huge sigh seemed to permeate the atmosphere here in Maine, folks breathing freely,  Thank god that Karl Rove fella didn't steal the election! And hey, gals, you won the future for the rest of us! Who knew? Well, we knew, we gals. Like the Black Panther women used to say, You got to use what you got to get what you want. And we used our votes! yes, the ladies were out in force this election. More power to 'em, hopefully. We now have 20 female Senators – only 25 to go to have some semblance of equal representation in the upper level of the US Congress – for now, we are finally on par with sub-Saharan African national assemblies at 20% female members. (No bs.)

And Elizabeth Warren won! Yayyy! And New Hampshire has put its faith in the ladies as well, You go, girls. And an openly gay woman managed to snag a congressional seat. Now if the female contingent in Congress doesn't sell out to good ol' boy intimidation, we may be on the road to more progressive solutions to the nation's troubles. It's up to all of us to let those gals know we have their backs, as they say. Keep in touch, send letters, emails, keep it going. (Like the Obama folks kept their ground game going in nearly every state for the last four years – smart!) Just think, only another few election cycles and we may reach the kind of national assembly gender parity they have in, um, oh yes, Rwanda. (No bs, it's around 50% female.)

I guess it remains to be seen what Barry O will do with his mandate from the ladies, not ignore or doubt us. (The Repubs sure called it wrong.) There will surely be hell to pay if he doesn't make himself more visible and use that bully pulpit which costs him not one dime and kick some of the right wing nutjobs back under the rocks they crawled out from under. And for pity's sake, explain the fallacy of "the Cliff" to people, get on the tv and 'splain that it isn't what the crazies are saying it is. One can only hope Michelle (O not Bachman) uses what she got to get us all what we want.

Me, I'm gonna go hide for awhile and see if I can't get someone to publish my book and start another one. Leave the politicking to the  politicians, but not for so long that I become one of those Undecided voter types. (Never happen.) I'm thinkin taking the debates back is next, return the whole process to the League of Women Voters, like it used to be. It was Jamie Oliver who said if you want something done, hire a woman to do it.

So here's a weird thing, a harbinger of something: The Saudis are calling on countries like Turkey to reset clocks to Islamic Mean time rather than Greenwich. Odd that. And they've built a clock with six tons of gold at the top to convince the blingingly impressionable. On the subject of the middle east, next time you wonder why the Middle East peace isn't happening, try reading up on Bebe N, the man who won't take Yes for an answer.  Every bit as detestable as Mr. Rove's ideological adherents; no wonder Barry looks unhappy whenever he visits the White House.  When are these guys gonna deal with their childhood issues?

d'accord. A plus tard.. why there's one now!

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