Saturday, November 17, 2012

Howl At The Moon?

Honestly, this madness in Gaza is enough to drive you howling mad.

But  From Whence Cometh Israel's Raging Bull*@? Sometimes when leadheads (like NetanYahoo and his pals, like the Raygun)  try to talk us into stuff that's plainly untrue, it's a good idea to take a timeout for context, for  a wee history moment. And, say, where did Israel get that little Iron thing 'Star Wars' shield they're using anyway? Were those MY tax dollars?)

 Above is from Al Jazeera's excellent program Empire, (available to watch on line.) And if you seek some reality based idea of what's going on in Gaza, well, the western media, including the various Times and Posts, ain't the place. Nor is the BBC. Some interesting viewpoints here, and, tomorrow, Sunday morning on Up with Chris Hayes, the smartest show on TV, at 8 a.m. on msnbc and, immediately the show is over, available to view online here.

Good news of the week here. From Goldman, no less. Who knew?

And while I'm at it, Twinkies No More? Seriously? Someone still cares? Just before providing viewers with a demonstration of and the recipe for Deep Fried Whole Turkey this morning (clearly catering to some uncategorizable viewer cohort, perhaps the Twinkie fans? Perhaps all viewers?) Fox "news" shamelessly blames unions for Hostess' demise?  This bit is closer to the real story. Can't those Fox folks get anything right? I mean, Deep Fried Turkey? sigh – I've lost my appetite.

Laugh of the day? Gay Fishermen of Maine celebrate passage of same sex marriage. The accents may be more Gloucester than Maine, but funnnneee?

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