Sunday, July 17, 2016


Remember the TV guy....

"Would YOU like to be Queen for a Day??!!"


  I mean... seriously? President of the United States? The guy who hasn't read a book in twenty years? And 40 % of my fellow countryfolk believe he's the man who should control the nuclear launch codes? Or don't they know that comes with the job?

 Just how stupid are we?

Will Trumppence be the new coin of the realm??

And, lest we forget how all this really started... read and consider what a NY Times commenter had to say today.  Not ALL of us are stupid, Hil and Don.

Tim Kane

is a trusted commenter Mesa, Az 52 minutes ago

"In regard to Bush-the-inferior: The American people got it right, by only a wisker, and chose Gore (by 500,000 votes). It was the establishment elites that got it wrong - by blocking votes in Florida, and by voting in the Supreme Court (the elite of establishment elites) for W.

It was the American people that put Lincoln in office, it was the Supreme Court that gave us the Dred Scott decision.

W under-reacted to 5 major warnings concerning terrorism and then over reacted afterwords, in the same way as Wrong-way Nelson. Dry drunk indeed.

We (the United States and we the globe) won't know whether or not we have survived W for perhaps another 75 years.

Almost all the problems of the world today from black lives to white fears to Euroscleroris to Eurosceptics, global warming etc... are the result of or made a thousand times worse by the massive concentration of wealth that began in the U.S. under Reagan but made vastly worse by W.

W. moved over $12 trillion from the 99% (demand side of the economy) to the 1% (supply side) of the economy and covered his tracks with cheap money creating a housing bubble. When the credit ran out, demand cratered.

That kind of wealth concentration has undermined decision making here and in Europe and has created an underclass where once the middle class lived, from West Virginia to Granada Spain.

Meanwhile Bush spends his time painting pictures of his toes as they pop up out of the water at the other end of the bath tub. That's Psychopathy."

Swivel eyed loons everywhere - be prepared to get back in your boxes.

Amen, brother.

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