Sunday, October 9, 2016

No Deus Ex Machina for Trump

Unlike Euripides' tale of the poor, confused, matricidal Orestes, there will be no Apollo arriving last minute tonight to rescue the Donald from himself. But you can bet Hillary is coming for him. Yes, indeed. And, for once, I'm with her.

For it turns out that this election, in the end, has clearly come down to two distinct sides: The Misogynists and the Feminists. Each with a distinctly different vision for the future of American women. And, whether they admit it publicly or not, each and every American knows which side they're on, and their secret vote this year will reflect that. So don't tell me you're not voting for Trump, but you're also not voting for Hillary, and expect anyone with a brain to say that's okay. This is about the future of all women, the half of the human race that cleans up the other half's messes. This woman looks like she's cleaned up a few.

Sic 'm, Hil.

Here are some inspired responses to Mo Dowd's perfect op ed today in The Times.


Upstate ny 4 hours ago
Trump is now in Roy Cohn mode. He always responds to criticism by bullying, insulting, and attacking.
The amazing thing about this moment, this Sunday debate, is that Hillary Clinton has in some way been preparing for this confrontation her entire life. The feminist who is bold enough and bright enough to become the first female presidential nominee of a major party, and who survived and thrived after enduring in public her husband's infidelities, is going to be the one to confront this misogynistic lout.

He has gotten away with all this his entire life, and now he is going to answer for it, and it's going to bring his candidacy down. This is like a something out of a Greek tragedy or Shakespeare. It's beyond astonishing. Go, Hillary!
Lee Naples. FL 4 hours ago
While most people guide their lives by rules and respecting boundaries the real reason we have them is to try to protect ourselves from those who don't.Mature, thoughtful people recognize that without rules, regulations and a code of ethics the most dominant, self-centered and caustic people (and corporations) will take advantage of those of us who play by the rules. We are simpletons and marks in their eyes.There is good reason to have regulations, there is good reason to have a democratic government to protect us from the likes of Donald Trump and the too big to fail corporations that otherwise have no regard for anyone but themselves. I blame the Republicans for giving us the epitome of their credo.

This is why we have rules, and regulations and that crazy, rich bullies do not get to lord it over the rest of us. I've been wondering how the Republicans have wrought this monster upon us and I hear their constant refrain "freedom", "liberty", "no more regulations", "free markets", "shrink government down to a size that can be drowned in a bathtub". An untethered Donald Trump is the Frankensteinian creation of the Republican refrain.
PeterK New York 4 hours ago
Please! Please Please! This election is not about the deplorable Donald Trump any more. The frightening reality is that 40 plus percent of the voting public, as well as the leadership of the Republican Party thinks this narcissistic demagogue is qualified to lead this country. They believe in him. Their candidate espouses bigotry, dishonest birther racism, mocks the disabled, insults the parents of a military hero, and regularly degrades women. The constituency shouts in unison "lock her up," as if the U.S. was a third world banana republic that casually imprisons the opposition. Seventeen candidates and Donald Trump is number one. Ted Cruz was number two. "Have you no sense of decency," was a fundamental question asked in another era. Equally relevant today, the answer for the Republican Party is now clearly "absolutely no."


 is a trusted commenter Boston 16 hours ago

Stick a fork in him, folks. Trump is done. Even his misogynistic, abortion-hating evangelical science-denying VP wanna-be, Mike Pence, is despondent over Trump’s treatment of women. When a deplorable like Pence is despondent over Trump, well, how much lower can we sink?

But Hillary used a private e-mail server!! They’re both so corrupt! However will we choose?

It’s not hard for me to choose. But it may be a problem for the town-hall contingent at the next debate, which will consist of an audience of uncommitted voters. How, please tell me, can anyone not have a preference 30 days from the election? Anyone who is uncommitted at this late stage needs to be committed. They’re displaying a deplorable lack of ability to discriminate between a serious politician and a seriously disturbed oversexed adolescent.

Trump’s tendency, when he’s made a cringeworthy statement, or a vulgar innuendo, or a gag-inducing insult against innocent humans, is to double down. His fuse is short (despite the size of his hands), and Hillary Clinton need only provide the merest spark to set him off. I hope she brings a blowtorch to this debate.

There is only one thing that make me more disgusted than Trump, and that’s the gaggle of G.O.P. biggies who can’t bring themselves to disown this embarrassing man-baby. Maybe it’s a question of honor for them, since they can’t abandon their standard bearer. But frankly, honor left the building a long time ago.

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