Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Trump, Master Masher

Comments from recent NY Times opeds regarding Trump's behaviors onstage and off. 


 Missoula MT 24 minutes ago

Many people are commenting on Trump's body language and I have to say that I seriously wondered if he might physically attack her. He was so angry and rather than deliver his "answers" to the questions toward one of the moderators or the questioner from the audience, he would turn to Hillary, take several steps toward her and then forcefully jab his whole arm and finger at her repeatedly. This, while calling her a liar, the devil and telling her that he would put her in jail. This was his behavior toward one of the most powerful women in the country, on a stage with millions of viewers and it was obvious to everyone that he could barely contain himself. The Trump surrogates can no longer use the (lame) defense that the Access Hollywood tape was "just words" or "locker room banter" between the fellas. After last night we can easily picture how this man would behave in any situation where any woman, especially an employee or subordinate dared to assert herself against him in any way. I'm sure that the Access Hollywood tape is just the tip of the iceberg and we'll see a steady parade of Trump's behavior toward women over this next month. I can't wait for this election to be over, so that Hillary Clinton can get to the White House and start restoring this country and its dignity.

And this, just for good measure, about the GOP in general.


  Saint Paul 8 hours ago

I hope this puts an end to the Republican Party. It has become a disgusting institution that makes me ashamed to be American.

The downward spiral began in the early 1980s when the GOP chose to align itself with the Elmer Gantrys of that period -- the so-called moral majority. These outrageous hypocrites spewed hatred and fear, and worst of all, poor theology. They preached a christianist vison that could not be further removed from the gospels. I say shame on the Cathoilc church and other mainstream Christian denominations for not calling out these right wing evangelicals for the theological hot air they were blowing.

People today ask -- why do moderate Muslims not take the Islamic extremists to task for their desecration of Islam? I want to ask -- where has mainstream Christianity been for the past 40 years not calling out these false Christians?

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