Wednesday, January 11, 2017

BuzzFeed As Weatherman?

Because apparently you DO need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows, Bob.
And this morning – after reading the entire BuzzFeed document release here (download and file this before is taken offline;  I defy anyone to read the entire 35-page dump and NOT be terrified for the future of democracy everywhere, especially here in the US) – I found myself asking the question: Where ARE those damn Weathermen of yore when you need them? They'd find a way to rally the troops, agitate folks to the streets in response to this insane, terrifyingly blatant, and egregious assault on the rights of citizens everywhere.  Are we all just going to watch it happen, like a ten car pileup, and believe we can do nothing? Is this what happened nGermany? Were people just gobsmacked by the whole thing? Rendered motionless? Stunned? As though it was just another tv show?

Reading The Guardian this morning here I was terrified to view the congressional cast of smug cats and businessmen buddies sporting broadly shameless cat-that-ate-the-canary smiles as they engaged in self-congratulatory handshakes and pats on the back. "We did it", they're thinking, "We're gonna flood this swamp with more scum than any Ethics Committee can hope to manage. We fuckin own this town now. We rock. Rock and Rule."

And what of their Fearless Leader? Holy Moly! Lookin' a little green around the gils, there, Donald. Guilty is the word I'd use.  Hand in the Cookie Jar? Showing yer age before yer even inaugurated, if this photo is any indication.  What happened to the tan, Don? And those lines, that saggy jawline? Did you forget your morning lift serum? Better watch your stress level, Dude. You not lookin' too good this morning. Prez of the World is a tough job. Didn't you notice what it did to Obama? Black DO crack, after all; and he didn't have so much to hide. Whud you do with those hookers in St Petersburg?  Is Melania embarrassed ? (Though hard to see how she would be when there are photos like the one at bottom of her lying around on the web)  And your lawyer, Cohen? Not much of a patriot is he? Any more than Roy Cohn, was, eh?  You got some nasty friends, Donald. Did you really think you'd get away with it?  Treason, Sedition. These used to be real crimes. Are they now just antiquated words, only applicable to Whistleblowers and those who rat on the corrupt?

Here's the thing though, he just might. Maybe he'll end up like Raygun, propped up like a sock puppet pretending he's got a functioning brain while his corporate pals and right wing zealots make manifest the most authoritarian mindless media managed state the world has ever known.

I find it interesting the Russians were particularly interested (per the Buzz Feed papers) in swaying the opinions of the "college educated America Voter".  As if.... !

Soon To Be First Lady of the United States
( Kardashian groupthink rules)

but here's Trump's real Russian Doll:

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