Friday, January 20, 2017

For Sale: Grand Canyon

Just as the Bush II administration did from Day One as the country and the media fell into their coma of Denial, the ruthless newly super-empowered, no veto threats no mo' Republican Congress has moved to, yes, sell as many  "protected, preserved" government lands as possible, including land around the Grand Canyon, to the highest bidders, so the folks who pay for their elections can drill to their black hearts' content. And to make it even more appealing to pals of the New "Administration" , they've lowered the price !!  FIRESALE,  everyone! All that sweet land for a song.... The Democrats didn't see it coming. YET AGAIN.

Anyone who still doesn't believe this is the beginning of the end of America as we think we knew it is as willfully ignorant and naive as the fools who selected these guys and their fatuous leader.  What will it take to defang this monster? Sorry, but HOPE is about as useful as a toothbrush in a sandstorm.  I liked what one commenter on the NY Times had to suggest today, and if his suggestion is not heeded by Democrats, all is lost indeed.  Here's PaulB:

PaulB Cincinnati, Ohio 33 minutes ago
How should the Democrats cope with this? By creating a shadow Cabinet filled by people with experience, perspective and a clear understanding of America's role in the world.

A Shadow Secretary of State who can talk and write about alternative policies. A Shadow head of HHS to offer voters analysis of Dr. Tom Price's rabid anti-government agenda. A leading authority on climate and the environment to speak out in opposition to Scott Pruitt's pro-Big Oil platform. And so on down the line: Commerce, Housing, OMB, Interior, Energy. These individuals don't have to be Democrats, just individuals with impeccable credentials such that the news media would have to give them coverage.

The biggest danger of the Trump Ascendency is that it exists in a silo of its own making. It thrives on bullying, mis-direction and lying. Its purpose is to cripple, if not destroy government and any last vestige of the first black President.
Americans need a choice, an alternative reality embedded in rationality, sober-minded practicality, and a recognition that government serves the needs of all people, not the desires of the multi-home yacht class.

Yeah, what he said.
And lest it slip your mind,
PASSPORT: What's in your wallet?

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