Friday, December 3, 2010

"It's that time of year when the world falls in love"

yeah! with food!

holiday baking in UK, mince tarts and sausage rolls...mmmmm

the Queen Victoria headed out to sea

UK beach

just for W

sorbonne lecture hall

au revoir to Mme. Lillian!
UK in deep freeze...

Well, I managed to make it to Britain just before the snow flew and the nation became paralyzed with ice and snow, in some places the coldest temperatures on record. Of course everyone in the media is wondering (are they really or are they just bored?) why the roads aren't all clear by now, etc. It's not that there isn't enough salt and sand, or even a shortage of snow plows, but the British seem intent on defying the weather and carrying on driving while it's still snowing, clogging the roads and generally making a mess of things for the teams of snowplows trying to clear things up. In Maine, where winter is a serious thing, it is generally understood that, out of not only convenience but politeness to the road crews, without whom we would not survive the winters, everyone stays off the roads (Mainers do not suffer from the apparent social paranoia that's rampant here that people will say you're a bum if you miss a day's work.) That is to say we stay home, including the kiddies, until the road crews have had a chance to do their jobs! Roads here are clogged with jacknifed trucks and stalled cars. I mean, duh! Dont' blame the road crews.

[Saw a nice story about midwives being picked up by a local farmer in his tractor and carried to the local hospital. Nice story in the midst of all the whining on the telly. ]

They haven't got that message here yet as this is the most snow they've had in 45 years or something and no one is apparently sensible enough in the government to ask that people stayItalic home til things are cleared up, which in Maine anyway, usually takes overnight or 24 or so generally for a foot of snow.

SO... what you end up with is a bunch of talk show people this morning on BBC TV wingeing about not having won the bid for the World Cup Games 2018 because the media here recently aired an exposee on corruption in FIFA (the World Cup assoc) – yet another instance where a noble organization, BBC in this case, gets blamed for telling the truth, (like Mr. Wiki). I mean, what kind of planet is this becoming ( has it always been so? Well, Jesus, Che and RFK come to mind) that condemns those who tell the truth? It's mindbending really. There is no doubt in my mind that Russia and Qatar got the bid for World Cup 2018 and 2022 respectively because the British fans are plain crazy and don't know how to behave at a match, AND it's likely the whole thing is corrupt as well! Maybe Britain should follow William's example of calm acceptance and seek other answers.

Then there is the tale of my lost suitcase.... OMG> Do we really want to go there? It's been three days and the thing appears to be lost in the back of some warehouse somewhere in Southampton and inaccessible. I can tell you this, if that case is not made available to me in time for me to repack my two cases for my flight tomorrow, someone will be paying to ship it to me in the US, and, should profound apologies not follow, a friendship I once treasured will be lost forever. Were it where I left it, there would be no problem today. What price must I continue to pay in order not to "inconvenience busy people"?

We'll see how this one pans out.

Yesterday the kitchen here in Southampton was filled with the smell of mince, apples and cinnammon. No, not I, but my hostess was preparing goodies for the holidays. Together with the gorgeous snowfall, it made for a nice mood in which to return to the states and get ready for the holidays myself! A trip to the Big Apple appears to be in the works once I manage to cross the pond; been years since I had tea at the Palm Court at Christmas with the man at the white piano and a violinist whanging out carols to the diners amid the general spirit of bonhomie that fills that place. Can't wait... and then there's "the world's best cheesecake" place near Penn Station. mmmmmmm..... like I said, can't wait. Had a nice lesson in cookie decorating yesterday as well. M'all set, as they say!

All this was followed by a lovely supper with the neighbor, Jane, who is possibly the most delightful over 70 person I've ever met. Funny, witty, smart and wise, full of stories and a delight. Uses words like "winker" and "not enough room to swing a cat". As if!

Cross fingers that suitcase finds its way to me soon!


  1. You sure can paint an enticing picture with words!The scene in the kitchen,along with holiday smells and Snow gently falling outside. It sounds good to me.Real,real GOOD.So does a holiday jaunt to The Big Apple!Mom always said that nothing got you in the Holiday Mood like The City!It was second to none, in her eyes!!!And from what I hear,she might be right!!!Before I sign off, I 'd like to say, that I don't know what is funnier, Janes expression "not enough room to swing a cat" or you following that up with " As if " You must be home by now...Welcome Home !!!!!!!!!!!..........XXXOOO...tee

  2. Tee--!!! yes. i'm home. and look what Paul gave me for my birthday!! in today's post!! call soon???