Monday, December 6, 2010

"One ringy dingy...

Carlotta would be so pleased....
Now I really need to get my nails done...

You coulda knocked me down with a feather. Can you believe the guy who could never keep a gift a secret waited overnight to give me this for my birthday? I mean.... wull yeah .. I cried! Sweet. I've always said he was sweet (among other things).

There's more to this ring story than you might think, and its resonance is far reaching, but that's grist for different writing mill. For a woman who poo-pooed such nonsense all her life, not to mention one who held strong anti-blood- diamond sentiments, I have to say candlelight is a lovely thing reflected in these little gems. And, yes, it will make me very happy each time I look at it.

Thank you, my dahlink.

Tomorrow I'll be regaling everyone with some commentary on the unforgivable and deteriorating state of american and Maine politics, along with pics of the latest gorgeous snowfall here, but for now I'm just a little too stunned (purring like a cat in fact) to get all fired up about that madness. Let me just enjoy the moment.

OK. that was nice.

To quote President Bartlet: What's next?

1 comment:

  1. ...Well... Hush My Mouth and Call Me Corn Pone!!!!
    That is one lovely ring! Funny how things happen when you LEASE expect it.Mr.Paul,has gone and done, a good thing. A really good thing.
    Mr. Paul, my hat is off to you. It's
    BEAUTIFUL! Thank You.......tee