Friday, December 10, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Is Camilla wondering why they don't like her? Really? She needs to get out more... of the car, that is. And Charles.. well, do you think he ironed that shirt himself?

It would appear the monarchy in Britain is no longer as popular as people generally seem to believe it is. (Actually, it's popularity numbers are really in the 20-40% range and have been for some time.) In case you're wondering why the demonstrators attacked the Prince's Rolls as he and his emerald-clad second wife – the one who replaced the dead popular one – "swanned" (as one commenter in the Times put it) through a rowdy neighborhood on their way to the theatah, a 'hood crowded with people demonstrating against increases in college tuition fees among other cuts to the neediest, consider the financial disclosures at this link. Then ask yourself if you'd be pissed as well that your tuition was going up (more than trebling) so the Prince can continue to spend a cool couple million a year on travel expenses. The comment section re this incident from readers of the Times is, once again, the most interesting part of the paper.

I'm off to New York and the Opera. To stare in the store holiday windows and see what New Yorkers are doing these days.

Here's a little gem, the laugh du jour, you will NOT want to miss. Check this hilarious gal out. I nearly lost my mind reading it. (No wise cracks please..)

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