Friday, January 27, 2012

Carolina Au Revoir

jellyfish rockin'

I want to remember this glorious breeze blowing in my window from the west this afternoon. I am an appreciator of warm breezes, an admirer of songbirds, a devotee of blue skies and deep blue water. Speaking of which, we visited the Fort Fisher Aquarium (pics below and above) at the beach the other day to the home of one of only fifty albino alligators on the planet (so far). It was delightful. Museums of all stripes tend to take you back, make you feel like a kid, renew your ability to ooh and ah like a child.

fave used book store/coffee place downtown

I'm just soakin in the amazing, springlike weather, storing up for what I know will be a long, cold few months up north come next week. Sad to say bye to friends here, everyone (except the horrid mechanics at Performance Auto), not to mention the banana blossom salad at Indochine. Enjoyed that little gem at lunch today at probably the most popular resto in this town with my fave pal J.

So farewell, for now. We ( the editorial usage) head off to the woods to write, hopefully to see something come of that, to a place with no distractions, I mean pas du tout! Along a river with a yellow lab for company. I seem to have picked up an adorable kitty along the way as well.

Sometimes a little rigor is just the ticket. Sounds good. Cold ... but good. Farewell, Carolina. I will miss your kind people, their stories, always stories, and warm breezes. The pink magnolias are just now blooming everywhere. Cascades of them.

Life is good. Like Dinah Washington once crooned, What a difference a day makes, twenty-four little hours.......

lost no more.... Litta Bit, her name, and she doesn't usually look so mean....

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  1. This post reminded me of Joan Baez singing, "Take Me Back to the Sweet, Sunny South"

    Take me back to the place where I first saw the light
    To my sweet sunny south, take me home
    Where the mocking birds sing me to sleep every night
    Oh why was I tempted to roam
    The path to our cottage they say has grown green
    And the place is quite lonely around
    I know that the smiles and the forms that I've seen
    Now lie in the dark mossy ground
    Take me back to the place where the orange trees grow
    To my plot in the evergreen shade
    Where the flowers from the river green margin did grow
    And spread their sweet scene through the glade

    Safe your cat! Wish you could take a shelter cat we met last week named Ernie...but he comes with his brother, and we already have 2 cats...