Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone, from the cold North Woods, where the stars are bright and the Rivers Frozen.

I watched a pair of bluejays this morning. They mate for life. He was feeding her, up there on the high branches. The male feeds the female when she's 'brooding', that is, sitting on the nest. While it seems a bit early for mating season (Bluejays normally begin to fool around in March), he was most def feeding her, flying up to her with a seed from the feeder, with "look, look what I have for you!", beaks meet, and voila! LOVE. Maybe they just like it this way all the time, brooding or not, maybe they switch off. who's to say they can't? Sweet, don't you think? We could all use a loving mate like that. Most certainly we'll all need one in the end. I know I've lovingly fed a fella or two, meals made from the heart in the hope he'd notice, feel the love. Unfortunately,.. well....

Old bluejay proverb: Choose Mate Wisely or suffer consequence! [spoken with faux chinese birdlike accent] And looking back, I see it was the handsome ones who were most selfish, who noticed least, the odd looking lovers who were most attentive to others, who expressed appreciation for my food. Really, girl, didn't you read that lesson in that old copy of Aesop? When you were TWELVE!

Just stubborn, i guess.


From the comic site XKCD. And here's a big 'muah!' to all the good souls out there who love me just as I am as I do them.

May your day be filled with love.

and lest you think my mind has gone all mush, I had to post this quote about the Greek situation from Max Keiser's website today in response to the man who wondered if the bankers were up on the 50th floor watching the demonstrators and laughing as the police drove them back with (american made) teargas:

"I am laughing at the Bankers. Do they really think they can control Greece. The more austerity they impose the stronger the black economy will become. More repression will only cause a stronger passive aggressive reaction.

Like a woman from the old Soviet Czechoslovakia told me. “They pretended to pay us and we pretended to work.” "

RTP: Refuse To Participate in the charades: credit cards, bank cards, loans, auto ownership, insurance scams, all but local spending, corporate shopping, including online, etc. No netflix, iTunes. I'm just starting this list and trying to figure out, without dropping out, how to work toward a lifestyle that lives it. RTP: That's my answer to the corruption we face. Defund the corporate economy and defund political candidates who aren't on the same page. There must be some way to organize and implement this. This is where the people's power lies. Like Nancy Reagan advised: just say NO. Stop giving these shysters your money. Spend mindfully if you spend at all.

Think about it. In the end the choice will be convenience versus liberty. What was it Franklin said? He who chooses security over liberty deserves neither. Every day it looks more likely we will all have to choose, and sooner than you think. And our choice will reveal what kind of person we really are.

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