Thursday, February 16, 2012

Greece: A Country in Ruins?

Or maybe just smarter than the average bear.....

Surfing the Net with a cuppa at hand is my version of 'reading the paper' as I start the day, or attempt to, and this morning I came across this award winning econoblog via Max's site . I've heard this guy's contention hinted at elsewhere, but not so specifically, that come end of March (end of first quarter) we're in for a firestorm in the markets and serious market chaos. The few, one or two, folks seemed quite timid about saying this were nonetheless quietly sure of themselves. Run on banks not out of question? Who knows? Looks like March 23 is the target Greek default date, according to this blogger, not only in the works but the grand finale of the show expected and, you can bet, planned for at the top levels of banking in the US. So all this market hoopla baloney, up and down like a seesaw as it responds to the sideshow 'talks' in Greece, is just so much cheap sausage, served with a side of tension to keep gamblers and speculators looking for bargains.

Me, I've always wanted to go to Greece..... my measly dollars might do very well there traded in for drachmas. In ruins? Not so much.

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