Monday, February 20, 2012

RSA Animate - 21st century enlightenment

Nothing like flowers from a friend to warm your winter view....

So, what will it take to make a better society in the 21st Century? What do we mean by that? This short video on the subject is just so good I had to share it with y'all.. From the royal society for the encouragement of the Arts, via D's website. Check their other interesting videos as well. Simply Bril.

A few good quotes from it:

If you want to be a happier person, don't read a self-help book. Just have happier friends.

and here's another:

Successfully functioning in society ... requires us to have a relationship to our own reactions rather than be captive of them, to resists our tendencies to make right or true that which is merely familiar, and wrong or false that which is only strange.

I watched it three times. Lots of mindopening ideas here. Not the least of of which is the Margaret Meade quote at the end, an idea that never goes out of fashion.

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