Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents' Day

Well that was some Valentine's Day, eh folks? Sorry to be behind but it's been a whirlwind. Comfort Inn University in Wilmington (a completely charming river town, palm trees and funky bungalos) was a little rundown, and not in any kind of groovy retro roadside motel kind of way. But the people were nice and the town is cool, houses with porches , porches, porches. Weather nice. We got coffee at Port City Java, which is a private NC concessions that had run Starbucks in NC into the corral of malls only and taken over the local trade. They are fair trade conscious and tres cool, and should you find yourself in Amman, Jordan, they have a franchise there too. I like their expansive thinkin. I'm sure the folks in Jordan have fair trade coffee at the top of their agenda now.

So HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to anyone who didn't get a valentine. My heart, in a big way, goes out to all of you. We drove south along route 17 headed to Charleston, stopping to cross the grassland bridge to lush , tres privee Pawley's Island, NC, a place I've always been curious about and wow was i impressed. I could definitely rent a l'il ol' whitewashed shack there on the beach someday just for some r and r and peace and quiet; I mean big time funky charm in the historic district; everything for rent pretty much and not a hint of pretense. Bet the surf fishing is grand. Maybe I could meet some cool fisherman who would teach me how to do that at long last. Something to aspire to. There's just SO MUCH you wanna do in life, isn't there? I think that's nice, to have dreams. To make them real...

Yeah, so Route 17 Myrtle Beach (home of Vannah White- need I say more?), really, don't bother, unless you're into "gentleman's clubs" as they like to euphemize them down this way, and what I can only describe as extreme miniature golf, giant locations with water features you never dreamed anyone could invent; all resembling that pile of stuff from Close Encounters. Here are a few of the clubs that caught my eye, rating very high on the blatant sexism scale:

Bottoms UP
Crazy Horse Gentlemen's Club (Ba-da-bing) [no joke, it said that on the sign]
The Doll House
Suck, Bang, Blow Restaurant and Saloon for Bikers

Those were in Horry County, and you just have to smile at that.

Tee called the area "a whole new level of tacky, has the Jersey shore beat." But then there are the sweetgrass basket weavers along the road, selling their wares from makeshift lean tos. I am, of course, forbidden to even stop and look at anything resembling a basket...

Last night at Tee Two's was a blast. We ate chinese and laughed until we couldn't keep our eyelids open. Good to see number two son, D, and Tee 2 is more beautiful than ever, despite wheelchair living. She is funny as ever with the best, most heartfelt laugh in the world. It's such a comfort to be around a sister like her, one who gets every single joke you crack. Unfortunate sideline issues with the hubby we trust he will remedy post haste or he'd better start wearing a sturdy sports cup. We'll see how all that unfolds.

Today shopping for a few kitchen goodies for T2, and a new 'chair' for her. Tomorrow we will drive her into old Charleston, where she says she has never been as yet, and it's only 5 minutes away. Quoi? Well, we'll make a day of it. Take her shopping, lunch, schmooze the old city. Just sooooo good to see her looking so well. She's a saint really. Really, she is. Not a drop of bitterness or self pity in her veins, unlike some we could, well.... you know. All drunks reek of self pity.

The weather is nice, 50s. Not a wink of sleep last night at this godawful comfort suites on isle of palms connector. Do NOT stay here BTW. We're moving today to another hotel.

okay, big day ahead. Last night when we left T2's, she hugged T1 and said "You're not just a memory!" I thought my heart would break.