Monday, February 15, 2010

Left: Wilmington NC is a cool town...

Headed south on 95, we’re about 10 miles from the North Carolina border. It’s cloudy, had a little dusting of snow this a.m. but just a sneeze really. The city of Atlanta, GA, according to the weather channel this a.m. is out of it’s collective mind with icy roads. Living in fear and loaded with accidents. No one there seems to have the sense to avoid the road in the morning til the black ice, the little smidgen of it they do get, melts. I have yet to see any salt on roads anywhere. Someone should tell them about the salt.

We were going to spend tonight in Fayetteville, NC, on the way to Tee Two’s house in Charleston, SC tomorrow. Tee one, my travel companion, was taken with online info regarding Fayetteville’s charms until we talked to Will in Chattenaooga on the phone and he, who travels the south pretty much for a living, said Fayetteville was crack ho central and we should avoid it like the plague. So we’re headed to Wilmington, a seacoast town in NC for the night and from there will take a leisurely meander down 17 on the coast to Tee Two’s house.

We’re here at Walmart, I’ m ashamed to say, looking for a cassette plug in device to make the ipod work on the car stereo. According to my Will, Walmart is better than radio shack for these outmoded technical supplies because they stock them forever for their customers who tend not to be yuppie type owners of the latest apple technology.