Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wow, what a gorgeous town Charleston is. Did I neglect to mention that the last time I was here was 30 years ago with the late, great Pee, number one soeur? And that I was preggers with T1 at the time? So that much nicer to be tooling around rubbernecking at the amazingly fabulous frenchified architecture here with T2 and T1. Me driving, gawking, holding up traffic, don't care. You could live here and be happy just by virtue of the amount of blue crab available on a regular basis and the charm of nearly every building within sight. Porticos that looking like something on a roman palace, pediments and filigree iron gates climbing with tiny vines and camelias in bloom. Like Brittany this time of year. T2 was blown away and we all three stopped at every house with a for sale sign and just imagined it for awhile, dreaming ourselves right into that space. Courtyards so cunning you just have to look in, stay studying the gardens, transfixed. Such easy grace and elegance, with a goodly dose of funk and humid leisure easily imagined along the sleeping porches facing the sea. I do love this town. Softshell crab for lunch and sweet tea, endless sweet tea. A lavender scarf for T2 at the old slave market. I swore I saw my old english teacher pal Don Evans, cute as ever and not a day older, sitting in the market. Dementia may not be so bad when it brings you back to those you loved long ago.

D bought a collar shirt at T1's coaxing; look out, ladies. He looks sharp! A shame not to have more time here, but we'll come back on the return leg, I hope. Tomorrow on to Atlanta and Auntie D's, who I haven't seen in years and do adore. T1 has never met her and I know that will be a treat for her. T1 is the lovingest niece you can imagine with T2, by the way. Tender and sweet they are with each other. Does my heart good. We are all softened in T2's presence, made more loving, funny, and generally at peace with life. Bless that girl. All we do is laugh I swear. I'll miss her. Not right to be so far from someone you love this much.