Monday, February 8, 2010

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We are liberated from the debt-encrusted shackles of home ownership as of February 4. A miracle considering the econ climate and one for which I am mightily grateful. Even the exclusive enclaves of coastal Vacationland, otherwise known as Maine, our home for the last sixteen years, have not been spared the downturn in real estate investment profitability. So we've been lucky,

Over the last few days we have enjoyed 'last things' we will actually miss, like Phil's yummy Wavos rancheros at Boynton; a really worth- the- money- they- charged, perfectly cooked and beautifully presented dinner at Amalfi (maybe the most underrated and least pretentious restaurant in an area inundated with pretentious and/or lousy eateries); a terrific day in Portland celebrating Amanda's birthday; and Sunday at the always amazing Jazz Jam in Waldoboro Theatre Annex on School St. (first Sunday of every month, complimentary wine, cheese and other yummies lovingly provided by Mary) , an event we NEVER miss. Really happening Jazz by musicians of all ages and nice crowd of savvy people to schmooze with. You will leave there with a smile on your face, guaranteed.

Really cherishing things like the smoke on the water these freezing mornings as the sun rises over the Bay and now over the St. George river thanks to John and Liz's hospitality for homeless pals like us. God bless 'em. Postcard promises via phone to Tim, who I'll miss more than it's polite to admit, Terry and Dot, who I wish I'd had more time with, and others. You know who you are.

And we're off to find out what in the Sam Hill is going on out there, where the wild things are, how are folks feeling? What's happening and why the only folks in the streets objecting are the crazy ones with soggy tea bags for brains? Would driving the highways of southern America and talking to folks along the way answer that question? Will folks tell me what's really on their minds?

Nothin to lose, I aim to find out. And see if I can't find that great, great, great, great grandfather's FATHER the whole fam damily's been trying to trace for years.

Come on along. I'd like to see if there isn't something decent to eat along the way as well.

Life is a puzzle. Let's go put some pieces together.