Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mighty surf at high tide (click on pic to see detail)

windy day high surf


And we bid a fond farewell to Brigantine, at the Jersey shore. I've had the best time here, and the last two days have been the most sublime weather you could ask for, barefoot evening walks in the warm sand, squishing my toes deep in the soft beach, warmed by the sun, calves working mightily against quicksand sinking. I spent much of the last week reading like there was no tomorrow, novels mostly. Solar by Ian McEwan, That Old Cape Magic by Rick Russo, Divining Women – again, a few others as well. I loved all of them. McEwan never ceases to amaze me with his limitless, perfect wordcraft and sharp insight into human motivations; and Russo's book was wonderful, funny, more gently critical of human shenanigans than McEwan, but penetrating and revealing nonetheless. We do betray ourselves rather blatantly if one only cares to notice, to look a moment longer. Yet so clever, we think we are, not quite ignorant of our true intentions, camouflaging our desires.

So it's off to Beantown where we have taken a flat. First flat in thirty years, should be fun, different to be the tenant for a change. Moving day June 1. But not before mum heads out for a bit of rolicking fun in the saddle at the VeeBar Ranch and I can't wait. Flying to Denver Friday. Then puddle jumping to L a r a m i e. I mean, just SAY that town's name. La-ra-mie! There's no way that won't be fun. Life is really the most amazing adventure, no matter what you're doing at any given moment, if you simply have the eyes to see it. You just NEVER know what's around the next corner, and if you think you do, you're kiddin yourself.

I'd like to thank first and foremost Miss Marcie for lending me this art filled place of respite; the girls at Aversa's Bakery for letting me be so picky about my bread and always tolerating that pickiness with a smile (New Jersey people let you be way more picky than merchants in Maine who feel you should take what you get); the nice checkout gal who suffers with migraines at Joe's Market; the local librarians who got me everything i asked for all the time; the carwash fellas; the Post Office gals; The crazy bunch of checkout characters at the Acme; Ed the lawn guy who loved my new boots; Tony and Av; BEST FOOD IN TOWN who always knew what i liked; and John G, a new friend, and old and new friends who came to visit. This has been a wonderful spiritual oasis for me in the middle of my wandering desert. I am still wandering, but feel more so than ever that

All who wander are not lost.

I, for one, feel more found than I ever thought possible.

So there.

Ok, let's saddle up for the Garden State Parkway! See you in a few.

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