Friday, May 21, 2010

Is 70 years old.

Today, if Dorothy were to encounter men with no brains, no hearts, and no courage -

She wouldn't be in Oz -
She'd be in Congress.

Here's one from a viewer. Well done, that. Thanks, Marcie!

Had to share this with you all. Looks like Mo Dowd really took a lot of heat for her column about Kagan's marital status the other day when she demanded to know "When does a woman go from single to unmarried", as in FOREVER UNMARRIED, as in OLD MAID. I could not believe the comments below this one. Vicious attacks by women as well as uptight men insisting Mo's "old maid" status (pulleese! These people would kill to be Mo) has made her bitter just because she questions our society's habit of describing women as either 'single' or 'unmarried' when no such delineation exists for men. Is it not true that it's the first thing they ask about a woman and the last thing they ask about a man? ("They" being people who insist such info is essential. Potential bosses, for example. )

In fact, if one uses "single" or "unmarried" to describe a man, either word is taken as a positive, isn't it? Either one connotes he's "eligible", a 'bachelor" i.e., It's a good thing, it's open season on that guy, a "find"). Not so for the gals. "Unmarried" ( followed by the silent "Alas!") applied to women implies you either couldn't get a guy or you lost the one you had because YOU weren't good enough to keep him. (No lie, I have heard people say this!) The intention is also to engender a certain amount of sympathy for the woman so labeled, especially beyond a certain age, like perimenopause. Women beyond the age of maturity are still defined primarily by their marital status. It's hard to imagine men being so defined, isn't it? I vote for a new moniker for women who are not married, for whatever reason – a box marked: "Moi - F". It's clean, simple, and says it all. "I am me, female, so take a hike." Mo's point is well taken by anyone with an open mind, but the narrow (or should we say 'simple') minded have more sway in the US these days. As evidenced by:

The new KFC campaign to get folks to buy their deep fried chicken and then the corporation will contribute fitty cent (or some such token) per bucket to breast cancer research/ awareness. The irony is unbearable!! Deep fried meat – MAJOR no no for anyone wishing to prevent breast cancer. I saw this ad on TV and thought I would lose my mind!! Bucket after PINK bucket spread out for "The Cure". Again.... pulleeese! I wondered at the time if anyone was going to cry foul on this one and publicly disenfranchise (pardon the pun) KFC. Happily John Robbins over at the HuffPo saw the forest for the trees and called them on it. Please send this link along to everyone you know and help get a buzz going about this fraudulent campaign to convince people to buy and eat the very thing that's killing them. It's shameful they should get away with this! (Shoutout to the T on this headsup.)

Burns me up... the face of misogyny not very well disguised... They think we're all suckers for sentimentality, for tragedy. So empathetic we can't think?

Are we??

For those of you, happily a limited crowd, who like to say I never read stuff by the other side (I read their bs all the time!) there's this from The American Conservative. Worth a read as I think the guy is onto something. Were I to paraphrase his argument, I would say that, while he insists you are what you were brought up to be (the powerful, "those with influence", tend to be conservative, i.e., to 'conserve', or hang on to and not share what you have), it boils down to you are what you eat! (See KFC)

See what you think. And I like the word "eunomia". It's a nicely phonetic counterpoint to the "anomie" that's gripping the nation.

And let's put this one in the Fun Column today. Here's a little nugget of info for those of you who've always wanted to know really where the North Star can be found in the night sky. Move your cursor over the sky. Have fun with it.

Later, alligators.

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