Thursday, May 20, 2010

New camping gear below, not too hard to take
Howdy, folks. Sorry I'v been out of touch, but a big week here at the Jersey shore, a place that, despite all the complaining I do about trash and selfish people, is full of good people as well and I am going to miss it. As you can tell from my pictures.

Two things happening have me so excited I can't deal at all. First of all, today I mailed that manuscript to New Yawk City to Rick's agent, and I do hope the guy reads it, likes it, and wants to sign me. But if he doesn't, hey, like the Marvelletes told us way back when: there's too many fish in the sea (uh huh).

Secondly, looks like I am on my way a week from today to cowgirl camp, complete with, are you ready, the "camping gear" (see photo) I ordered from Zappos last night that arrived this morning, fit perfectly and was on sale for half price!! After all these years, I finally got me a pair of Frye boots. I mean, does it get any better than that? I wore those boots for two hours today, even showed them to the fella mowing the lawn. He totally got where I was comin from. The camp folks said I had to have cowboy boots, I mean, you spend the whole day in the saddle and need a shoe that will hook into stirrups... a recent email alert from the ranch suggests you bring plenty of Advil.... hmmm... for sore bum muscles, also mentioned something about a high of 55 and camping... uh... what the hell have I got myself into? Got some good goatskin riding gloves at the local hardware store today (they're gardening gloves) that'll be perfect for holding reins all day and a little chill in the air.


Cannot WAIT!

I am psyched.

Send out the good vibes for the ms in NY will you all? I pray the guy reads it for starters. Think he will. I put Rick's name on it.

ok. Cousin Lynn's coming for cookout and sleepover cause we have a lot to talk about.

Does life get any better than this?

I doubt it.

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