Friday, May 7, 2010

So just because I am such a child and can't keep a thang to myself...

I am going here to do this for a week, just 25 minutes from Laramie, Wyoming on May 28 and I may bust a gut from sheer wantonness and excitement before then.

And huge thanks to cousin Lynn (who I am soooo glad to have connected with, a wonderful writer, who gave me the link to the WWGI that gave me the link to Page Lambert's writing, riding – uh.. what shall I call it? – camp for grownups?

I used to ride when I was young and wild, just galloping away, no style, pretty crazy, and am now older and wiser, i.e., terrified of horses, but Ms. Carlotta, my heroine, will need to be embarking on a long ride through the desert southwest on a horse in the sequel to my as yet unpublished novel, so I figured I best get on a horse and get over myself.

The week is devoted to tuning into the intuitive way horses communicate with us and maybe writing about it. I hope to slide right into that trust and communication as I let go of my fears, kind of an equine bungie jumping for me, and learn to trust the horse and hold the reins more loosely, as it were. Maybe even write something worthwhile about it. Meet some good people. Stare out at... well.. anywhere that's near a place called Medicine Bow, you figure it's gonna be pretty worth staring at. I have always wanted to go to Wyoming!! This is a dream come true.


I'll never be able to contain myself til then. I even get to fly on a prop plane. BTW, anyone considering flying out west anywhere, don't even bother with any airlines but Southwest. Man, those people know how to take care of you. I saved a lot of money (compared to so- called travel sites) by booking directly on the airlines' (Southwest and Great Lakes Air) websites AND had loads more flight options that worked much better for me. I called both airlines' Customer Services and they were amazingly helpful. I mean the kind of service you used to get most places, but no more. (T says Southwest is the T-Mobile of airlines.)

Italy and all those Botticelli's will just have to wait. I'm goin ridin'.

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