Thursday, June 17, 2010

And we're back...!

High plains and plenty of sky...
a quiet cabin by a rushing river

Yes, we're back (at least I'm back) from a week of "living like animals" – how a friend described us waiting for WiFi to be installed in new flat. (Witty little thing, that Erika.) So now we have high speed, an apartment with a fireplace, a yard with a peach tree, and really good cafe au lait for two bucks (and a very nice, buttery croissant to boot) less than half a leafy mile walk away. What could be better? I adore my new city neighborhood at the top of its highest hill! Who'd a thunk it? Country mouse/ city mouse/ All Same! (My Chinese landlord lives up stairs and we engage in article-free conversations.)

Needless to say I am full of beans with much to say on a variety of subjects. But first let me give a BIG shoutout to the gals I met at the VeeBar.. HEY, wRiders!! How are ya? Bet you miss Wyoming and the terrific folks there as much as I do. It was a wonderful time, better than I could have imagined, and best of all, I met some wonderful, talented women, most of whom don't give themselves nearly enough credit for the work they do, the thoughts they have, their way with and love of words, and their general good natures despite the motley world we live in and the loads they carry around from day to day. So HEY Ya'll! I miss ya! And thanks to Page and Sherri for makin it all possible for us... next year...

I am workin on a final edit of my novel as an agent in NYC appears to be interested in it. Of course I am short on time, what with exploring my neck of the city every day in search of things like Tai Chi classes, chatting up the oriental rug guy, the cafe waitress, the hardware store guys. OMG! the Russian Deli I found yesterday!! I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Everyone speaking in rapid fire Russian. They had smoked Whiting for like 4.99 a pound! Years since I' ve enjoyed that! And all these russian language jams and teas and herbals and medicinal things and dried fruit and fresh olives, and cheap! Caviar by the tub.

It's quite European feeling in this part of the city. Of course this makes perfect sense since it was settled by various waves of talented european craftsmen and women once the major landowners (early 1800s), after whom all the streets are named, moved on to greener pastures. Lots of flowers to enjoy, just yard after yard of them, and I don't even have to pull a single weed to revel in their fragrance and beauty. I'm working on ridding myself entirely of the impulse to have things, of the need to embrace them to the extent of ownership, something I used to do too easily. Now I just stop (and seem to be the only person who does this?? Maybe I'll start a trend) and hold a blossom in my fingers for a moment, smell, study it, compliment it, and move on. Minutely sanctified by its beauty. And it's everywhere I look. The gorgeous Lace cap hydrangeas I couldn't grow in Maine to save my life -- in blooming abundance by the tram stop here. Gorgeous.. Michio Kushi, the macrobiotic king, lives here. JFK was born just up the road.

So here are a few gems I came across yesterday that I thought I'd pass along. For those of you who are not yet acquainted with it, is a wonderful source for talks and lectures by innovative, creative people whose thoughts will feed your soul. If you're ever low spirited, and you don't have, say, Aaron Copeland's Appalachian Spring handy to blast full volume, tune in to TED and let Isabel Allende put life's purpose back in perspective for ya; or maybe hear whatEve Ensler (of Vagina Monologues fame) has to say about our (all of us, male and female) getting into our "girl" side. Or Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) on creativity. And for all you recent college grads, how about hearing what JK Rowling (Harry Potter's creator) had to say to the graduates of Harvard about the importance of failure - yup, you heard right. There is no end to the amazing roster of inspiring artists and scientists, thinkers you can find on TED. Musicians? They got the best. It's where all the thinkers are hanging out. I indulged in a good dose of TED last night and felt much the better for it! So check it out. Mark this blog page for a rainy day...

Couple of funny pics I found rooting around in my archive today. (Oh, and yeah, Rumsfeld, you wish!)

Reminders of where we've been. So easy to forget..

London's Daily cover, Nov. 04

I better go try and get something done.

Later, cogitators.

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